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Web APP Development For eCommerce WordPress And Laravel PHP

Optimum7 in-house SAS Solutions are known as micro SAS. They solve a few business operational issues like sending mass emails or tracking phone calls for clients. The team also gets requests from small and medium-sized businesses for micro-SAS solutions. Developers may have to solve business problems: ordering, personalization, tracking, and other kinds of systems.

The Web Application Development Process For eCommerce Solutions

Talk to us about the strategy in planning and executing a web app development project.

  1. Determine The Problem To Solve

Ensure that your problem is clear and straightforward. Your development team needs to understand the end goal of creating this new SAS product.

  1. Find A Marketing Agency With Development Services

Locate that development team that can take your problem. Break down this strategy to move forward into different steps. These ensure the firm understands what you’re trying to achieve and then compile every step required to achieve that goal.

The feasibility side of this development is essential as well. This development is called the scope.

Many people who attempt this kind of project don’t understand the functionality. They have an idea in mind but not feasibility.

The team always does an MVP, which is a minimum viable product. You must solve that business or business process problem, and then you have a nice to have. Most people confuse “awesome to have” with “must-have.” A quote then becomes $250,000 instead of $50,000.

How can business owners not complicate that scoping process? How do you differentiate a must-have versus an awesome to have?

First, Optimum7 does a deep dive. The marketers then provide an estimated cost to give you every single one of these items, different pieces of functionality to solve. Either it’s a pain point or just a nuisance.

Once they see that ticket, at the end of the day, they say, “That’s not what I had in mind.”

“Okay,” the developers respond. “Every one of these aspects that you mentioned here is crucial to easing the operation of your business. They won’t necessarily make your life a little bit easier, but rather will be crucial to your bottom line.”

Developers want to ensure that they will receive a return on investment from this SAS product or web app. They can break down into phases, where the price becomes more realistic and feasible for the client. The team pitches an estimate for version one and then version two before execution.

  1. Implement An Execution Plan

The execution process compiles the technology stacks, execution plan, timeline, code control, and compliance issues. These are very important based on your industry. If you’re a pharmaceutical or insurance company, they have to fulfill compliance checklists in integrations with third parties.

This process allows Optimum7 to differentiate itself from other competitors. Sometimes the user or the business owner doesn’t understand the execution process, so that the project sometimes gets delayed. It’s a common complaint.

Handling Delays In eCommerce Software Development

What if a client argues about timelines? How should you respond?

If a client uses third-party technology that requires integration, that adds time sinks. A developer must be 100% transparent with that upfront. That way, if the project gets delayed at any moment in time, they were truthful with you from the beginning.

A third-party technology’s integration can delay this project. Developers must identify all those different third-party tools, make sure that they have the proper documentation for developers to go through, to say for sure that they can move forward with this without any delays.

The most significant value proposition is upfront transparency. Many times, developers will just say, “Give me your money, and then we’ll cross that bridge when we get there once there’s a holdup.” You would prefer accountability.

A responsible developer will perform due diligence to vet every single piece of technology needed for this app to work. Once that’s done, they make sure that the client understands that certain aspects are out of our control moving forward.

Developing A Web Application Vs. A Custom Mobile Device Option

Clients and prospects often request mobile phone app development. There’s a significant discrepancy between web-based and mobile applications, with the latter being harder.

The investment will cost you a quarter-million dollars, regardless of the mobile app you’re trying to build. Business owners don’t understand that you don’t need a mobile app.

Instead, you need a web application, which will cost fractions of what a mobile application costs. The best way to implement a web application is through a hybrid approach, turning that into a mobile application. You don’t need a native mobile app that’s going to cost a quarter-million dollars.

In addition to that, you’re talking about a quarter-million dollars to develop this native mobile app, but you’re only mentioning one operating system. If you want iOS, that’s a quarter-million while Android is 150. That’s now an additional cost.

In contrast, with a web app, you’re opening this up to any device or operating system. From a cost-benefit standpoint, web apps are the way to go.

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