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Optimum7 Attends Information Technology Analytics Group Hosted by FIU

On March 29th, Duran Inci, Co-Founder and COO of Optimum7, contributed to Florida International University’s (FIU) Information Technology Analytics Group held at the Ronald W. Reagan Presidential House on the main campus. The group discussion determined current and future workforce needs, identified critical occupations and skill sets, reviewed data that state policy makers will examine […]

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How to Track Keywords from Lead Generation Forms

As the web continues to evolve, tracking user interaction with your website becomes more and more important. When you understand how users interact with your website, you can discover which pages and keywords are performing well, and which ones need further consideration. While there are many wonderful tools that help you analyze and improve your business by allowing you to optimize your site, there are certain metrics that, while valuable, can be difficult to access.

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How to Remain Organized When Working on Large-Scale Design Projects

If you had the opportunity to ask any one of my peers, “what was the last spontaneous thing that Bridget did?” you’d most likely be greeted with silence and dumbfounded stares. I don’t exactly “do” spontaneous. I am a planner: it’s who I am, who I’ve always been, and probably who I’ll always be. While this may not make for the most thrilling spring breaks or hair-raising weekend adventures, it does make for a very stable, well-executed design process.

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Hybrid vs. Native Mobile Apps

Hybrid vs. Native Mobile AppsThe popularity of smartphones and other “smart” devices has steadily increased since their introduction. An ever-increasing number of consumers are using their smart devices to research and engage with different brands and products. It’s no secret that developing a mobile app is one way for businesses to increase engagement with their audience, improving brand image, increasing value, and generating a higher level of consumer mindshare. However, there is more than one way to develop a mobile app and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Best SEO Tools for Beginners

Do you remember your first day of school as “the new kid?” What about that feeling of unfamiliarity and uncertainty you had while walking through the hallways? Of course, you had heard this and that about school, about all the different things you could (and couldn’t) do there, all the things you might learn and discover… Still, the reality of the building you walked into was quite different from what you had heard. Being the new kid on the block, you may have found yourself doing things you had heard about, even some you had no idea about, in a place you knew virtually nothing about.

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5 Tips for Responsive Design Creating Mockups

I love responsive design. I think it’s an excellent concept that will soon become a standard throughout the web, just as cascading style sheets became a standard in the late 1990s-early 2000s. Will responsive design become the definitive solution for web designers for the rest of time? I don’t know. That’s probably what designers thought about 15 years ago when CSS was introduced, before they could fathom the myriad of devices we use to view websites today. My predication is that the web will continue to evolve and adapt depending on how users interact with it. But for the time being, and for the foreseeable future, I believe responsive design is (almost) always the way to go.

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What We Can Learn From Cute-Fight: The Online Game For Real Pets; Featuring an Interview with Founder and CEO Derek Powazek

The first time I ever heard about Cute-Fight was during my commute to work, while listening to an episode of Jeffrey Zeldman’s The Big Web Show. This podcast featured Derek Powazek, the Founder and CEO of Cute-Fight. After quickly falling in love with the Cute-Fight concept, I decided to do some of my own additional research. I contacted Derek, and he very graciously agreed to an interview with me. But before we get to that, I’d like to explore the user experience side of Cute-Fight.

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