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Web Design in 2013: What I’ve Learned for the Upcoming Year

Like many employees around the world, last week I took a vacation. I was out of the office from December 24 to January 1. It works out to be a total of nine, glorious days when you include the weekend. And it was truly long overdue. It was the first time since 2005 that I’ve had a true Christmas vacation – with no work, and no school. Folks, that’s nearly a decade. And I am truly too young for that.

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Minimum Quantity Ordering with Set Increments

Depending what business you’re in, you may require minimum and/or maximum quantities on the products people purchase from you. Let’s say you sell business cards and require a minimum bulk purchase of 100 cards. While most people will understand that this means they can’t order 50 cards, they believe that they can still order 150 cards, or while it sounds nonsensical, even 105 cards. However, a minimum requirement may mean that you only sell your cards in increments of 100 (100 cards, 200, 300, and so on).

So that customer who wants to order 150 business cards would have to order 200 to satisfy your minimum requirement. The shopping cart of any major ecommerce platform would simply send a message saying that their quantity did not meet the requirements and the customer would have to go back and fix their order. This could become a deterrent that stops them from completing their order, which means you’ve lost a sale and have an abandoned cart to handle.

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Optimum7 Workshops: Wufoo Forms and WordPress

At Optimum7, I do my best to grow a little bit every day. Whether it is researching a new skill, learning a bit more about a client’s industry, or simply making time to get to know a coworker a little better, I find it very important to adapt and evolve both professionally and personally. One of the ways we facilitate this growth at Optimum7 is through the use of an internal forum. On our project management system, we’ve designated a section that is purely for employees to ask and answer questions, or request tutorials for skills they’d like to improve.

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Let’s Talk Taste – Well-Designed Food Sites

This week, I am positively giddy now that the holiday season officially is in full-swing. The weather is changing ever so slightly from blistering heat and rain to the 50-degree temperatures that any native Floridian like myself calls “cold”, Christmas songs are beginning to make their way into my Spotify radio, and every house smells of delicious home-cooked meals. I’m talking, of course, about Thanksgiving. A favorite holiday of mine for as a long as I can remember, Thanksgiving has always been associated in my house with overeating, boisterous family members, and all-around cheerfulness and this weekend will be no different.

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Tips for Planning A Redesign

For those who know me, it’s no secret that I love to plan. I plan just about every aspect of my life – both professional and otherwise. Need a party thrown? I’ve got a checklist for that. Meeting scheduled next week? Let me add that to my calendar. Need a site redesign? I’m your girl.

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Automated Product, Customer and Order Migration and Integration into Volusion

The custom programming we’ve done for Volusion customers over the last few years has earned us the title of Expert Developers from Volusion. We couldn’t be more honored, yet we’re not ready to rest our laurels on our past achievements and so continue to earn our title by continuing to develop custom solutions to problems that Volusion would say are impossible to remedy. As a Volusion customer or developer, there are certain rules and guidelines you must respect when importing products into your store. For example, all products in your inventory must have a product code, a description, a weight, an image, etc. assigned to them. While this creates structure and order, it can create certain issues and challenges towards getting all that you need using the Volusion platform.

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