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Do Press Releases Still Work?

The title alone can have most of you scratching your heads. That is, unless you know the basics of Google’s newest algorithm update, Panda 4.0, which was released in May 2014. But before I analyze the changes involved in this update, I want to emphasize the fact that press releases still have a purpose. As […]

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How Copywriting Fits into an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Despite its primary association with marketing and advertising, copywriting disciplines vary across work environments. Traditionally, copywriting was based on achieving direct sales through copy, a discipline that is generally found within traditional direct marketing and advertising agencies or traditional creative advertising agencies. But with the advent of digital marketing, the role of copywriting in marketing […]

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5 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Database Sucks

At Optimum7, we perform a lot of custom programming work for a wide variety of ecommerce solutions. We have had the privilege to work with open source systems like Magento and packaged solutions like Shopify and Volusion. Our ability to custom build CMSs and develop functionality deemed “impossible” by many development companies – in some […]

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