Surge Session

5 Traditional Lead Generation Strategies that Work for eCommerce and Small Businesses

In this week's Surge Session, we cover traditional marketing strategies for lead generation for both eCommerce and small businesses. We discuss how traditional marketing strategies still have their place despite the rise of digital marketing and how you can use these practices to promote your eCommerce business. Our CEO, Duran Inci, is joined by our [...] Read More

FFL eCommerce – What is FFL?

In our first Surge Session, we delve into the topic of FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers) and how online gun sellers can integrate a custom functionality as a solution to some of the problems they face. We cover everything from breaking down the fundamentals of FFLs, the obstacles online gun dealers face due to the [...] Read More

How Much Does Internet Marketing Cost?

In this Surge Session, we talk about the cost of internet marketing. We discuss how much internet marketing costs as well pricing plans for your budget. We also cover the pricing of digital marketing strategies such as social media advertising, SEO, PPC management, and others. Our CEO, Duran Inci, is joined by our Director of [...] Read More

eCommerce Custom Functionalities vs. Applications: Which is Right for my Online Store?

In this Surge Session, we talk about eCommerce custom functionality and the applications that you can get out of an eCommerce app store. Our Director of Marketing, Joseph Hassun, is joined by Marketing Specialist, Ohad Yarel, and Head of Development, Yeslandi Perez. Pros and Cons of eCommerce Applications from the App Store   We begin [...] Read More

How to Perform a Full Marketing Audit

In this Surge Session, we talk about full marketing strategy audits. We discuss how to perform a full marketing audit for your website including the components of your marketing strategy you should be looking at and how to improve productivity from your efforts. Our CEO Duran Inci is joined by our Director of Marketing, Joseph [...] Read More

Top Conversion Optimization Tools for B2C Ecommerce and B2B Lead Generation

In this Surge Session, we discuss ecommerce conversions. We talk about features, functionalities, and apps that you can use to help increase your conversions. We also go over which conversion optimization tools for B2C ecommerce and B2B lead generation we recommend as well as the best CRO metrics to optimize your website. Our Marketing Director, [...] Read More
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