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Top 8 Seo Tools For Auditing A Website

In this Surge Session, we cover the top tools for performing an SEO audit on your website. We review the best free and paid tools for auditing your site’s content, link profile, and technical search engine optimization elements. Our CEO Duran Inci is joined by Joseph Hassun, Marketing Director, and Ohad Yarel, Marketing Specialist.

The very first thing you need to look at is if the site has Google Analytics and if it is set up properly. With funnels and goals set up correctly. Then you need to make sure the account is verified on Google Search Console.

The data from Google Analytics is crucial. You need to know how you are able to acquire business and leads from your website. You need to be able to identify opportunity on your site.

A Screaming Frog Crawl is another great tool for getting a general understanding of how your site is ranking on search engines and how it is operating. It will indicate if you have any missing metadata, meta titles, descriptions, image alt text, etc. Any technical SEO that is missing on your site.

For backlinks, two great tools to leverage are Moz.com and Spyfu.com. Moz gives you the top pages you have, what websites are linking to you, what your spam score is like, so you can identify some opportunities. Spyfu gives you everything that you rank for on page 1, everything that you rank for on page 2, giving you a good indication of what you need to focus on.

These sites can also provide you with a good competitor analysis. You can see where your top competitors are getting their backlinks from.

When it comes to content and content structure, there is not really a tool that will directly give you a breakdown of how it is performing. You can use Google Analytics to see what pages are ranking and see what content works and which doesn’t.

The main issue we run into is that there is not one single tool that looks at everything collectively. That looks at your entire site, your content, your backlink profiles, and gives you a breakdown of all of your opportunities. You need to leverage several different tools to get that breakdown.

We have been working on a tool that would do just that. It pulls the data from all these different tools and consolidates it into a single report. It is called the BackLink Patrol. It is not live yet but you can sign up for an invite.

Your site speed and your site responsiveness are very important as well. Google provides you with a lot of tools to improve your site speed. A very useful tool is Google’s mobile friendliness test, which provides you with a list of recommendations of what you need to improve.

At Optimum7 we give you a deep SEO audit. We not only tell you what is wrong with your site, we also break it down to what you need to do in each category, from copywriting, to backlink profiles, to keywords.

In the end, none of this matters if you are not generating conversions, which are the end goal of SEO. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, the goal of SEO is to get people on your site and generate conversions from them. Conversions are the reason why SEO data and efficient funnels are so important. You need to have a comprehensive, integrated SEO strategy.

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