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BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus

It’s tough to decide between BigCommerce and Shopify. These powerful platforms have proven themselves in the world of eCommerce. But it can be hard if you’re looking for something more specific like a certain niche or budget range!
As with most decisions when starting an online store, some research is necessary before committing oneself fully to one platform over another. Since they both offer great features that make them worth considering at first glance

What Are BigCommerce and BigCommerce Enterprise?

In the 10 years since its inception, BigCommerce has expanded to provide a comprehensive suite of eCommerce solutions for both large and small businesses.
The company was founded by Mitchell Harper in 2009 after he met Eddie Machaalani while working on an online PHP chatting room project together. – What began as two individual companies turned into one solution. It would become known as “Big Commerce” when they joined forces!
The company announced that its Enterprise solution would be available to bigger businesses. Companies like these need the ability not only for regular updates but also customizations tailored towards their brand. So it matches expectations and preferences better than ever before.

What Are Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Shopify was founded by Tobias LĂĽtke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake in 2004.
They wanted to launch an online store selling snowboarding equipment. But unhappy with the available options they built their own platform. It became known as Shopifly (2006).
This company is currently one of Canada’s most successful eCommerce ventures ever since 2006 when it launched its first version 1 site.

Shopify Store

Shopify Store has been around since 2006. It was initially developed as a platform for small businesses to sell their products online.
As merchants flocked from other options into the new Shopify store. They realized that there were many high-volume ones out there looking at what these stores had available. – So in 2014-15 it launched its own version of Enterprise called “Shopify Plus”.
Shopify Plus is now one popular choice among fashion apparel designers. The designers want stunning displays but don’t have enough time. – Or resources with making them themselves!

The Key Differences Between BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus

In the early 2010s, there were two major platforms for eCommerce: Shopify and BigCommerce.
The distinctions between these competitors came down to their design or functionality. Both had excellent features but each platform also had some drawbacks. They could make it difficult in certain circumstances. if you didn’t know how best to use them.

But as time goes on we’ve seen improvement from all three companies. – which now gives merchants more options when they’re looking at starting an online store.
BigCommerce offers a stunning showcase of stores, with its design functionality being improved.
Shopify has expanded on features such as promotions and discounts to better suit your business’s needs. They are also rolling out the ability for merchants to edit existing customer orders!
The key differences between Shopify and BigCommerce are that the former has a strong SMB base. They include many prominent merchants who do sophisticated eCommerce work.
This is in contrast to Big Commerce which supports fewer business owners but offers more complexity for them. – This might be useful if you’re looking at building your brand from scratch. – Or want outskirts adds some extra polish on top of what’s already there!

BigCommerce Pros and Cons

BigCommerce Pros

BigCommerce offers a complete all-inclusive eCommerce solution, without any add-on services.
It has fantastic easy-to-use features for beginners and back-end coding access. It allows developers or designers the ability to make changes as needed in their business’s store online presence. – No matter what channel they choose!
The design is great with plenty of options so you can create a BigCommerce custom theme customized to fit your personal style; there are also lots of sales channels available which mean more opportunity than ever before when selling products through Big Commerce’s marketplace at an affordable price point without paying transaction fees every month like many competitors do (which will only cost customers if they buy something!).
With excellent customer support from big company teams who know this industry inside out.

BigCommerce Cons

The BigCommerce store has a lot to offer, but it can be more complicated than other stores, generally requiring more experienced BigCommerce developers to work on the site.
The pricing structure isn’t as straightforward! Also, some themes may end up being higher priced when compared with the rest of their competitors.
Yet in general, this shouldn’t be much cause for concern. Because there are plenty of third-party tools available! They will expand your solution without costing you anything extra!
It’s also worth mentioning how clunky parts could use improvement like editing templates from within an app instead of online.

Shopify Plus Pros

Shopify Plus has an excellent interface that is intuitive and easy to use.
The flexibility of their service offers you endless options for expanding your store. It provides better customer support as well!
Great uptime rates on the site due to its scalability, means less downtime while they work out any bugs or problems. Plus there are tons of built-in tools available through Shopify’s APIs. (Application programming interfaces).
When it comes time to develop more add-ons yourself. – You won’t be lost without knowing how. Because most developers know at least something about these things already having programmed!

Shopify Plus Cons

Shopify Plus has some limitations when you need to code or manage content.
It also can be difficult adjusting the platform performance for API use. It limits customization options compared to other platforms. But BigCommerce eCommerce platform allows more freedom in customizing templates. It allows you to add your own designs onto them without having any coding knowledge at all!

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce

Choosing an eCommerce platform to build your enterprise eCommerce store can be risky.
The wrong choice could cost you lost revenue and customer satisfaction. But with so many options available it’s hard to know which one will work best for what exactly?
The following article is designed as an introduction to the world of online companies. This article provides readers information about their capabilities before choosing between eCommerce platforms. – BigCommerce and Shopify based on specific needs.

When it comes to choosing the best eCommerce platform, think about what you need for your business.
Do you want a customizable site with tons of product options and integrations? Or would an integrated marketplace like Shopify’s more than sufficient to provide tools tailored toward making conversion easier on multi-currency transactions?
There are many different ways that you can save money when it comes to choosing the right eCommerce platform for your small business.
For instance, BigCommerce offers more features than Shopify! Also, their costs might be lower depending on what exactly is needed. – In an enterprise product versus the monthly fee associated with owning one as well!
A good idea would also be checking out all those API’s or integration opportunities available. It will help make sure there isn’t any unnecessary spending involved. – Some companies offer both SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). So customers know upfront about extra expenses before committing themselves to something expensive software plan.

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce – Advanced Features

BigCommerce and Shopify are both great options for companies with a range of products.

BigCommerce Enterprise Features

Bigcommerce features on admin tool that lets you manage channels, making multi-channel commerce simple! You won’t need to jump between different environments anymore. – Instead, your performance can be tracked in one place too.

With BigCommerce Enterprise, you can find a solution to sell on channels. These channels range from in-person POS systems all the way up to Amazon and eBay.
Companies have access not just B2B but also B2C capabilities. It means they’ll never be limited by what their customers want!
With BigCommerce ready integration points into APIs like PayPal Pro Merchant Services or Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it’s easy for us to integrate any service as long as there are hooks available.
BigCommerce offers a free migration service! It doesn’t add any costs onto your end, and BigCommerce team will adjust prices for you if the process becomes too complex.
BigCommerce, an eCommerce platform, doesn’t allow you to display invoices in the customer’s preferred currency. It can be a little bit of an inconvenience.

Shopify Plus Features

Shopify Plus merchants are in control of their own currency and can use Shopify Payments, a payment processor. It is easy to navigate.
The storefront has an excellent customer experience with checkout processes. It is designed specifically for eCommerce stores selling internationally on the platform.

Shopify Plus merchants get paid from each store by using Shopifops payments. It facilitates advanced rates of exchange as well as giving customers access through its user-friendly interface or even via fax if necessary!
Shopify POS is the perfect solution for eCommerce businesses! If you’re looking to sell your products in various locations and launch pop-up stores anywhere. If you want to extend your business, Shopify POS is the best for you!
The sales channel SDK means that commerce can appear within any mobile app or marketplace. It allows you to connect users with millions of products available on a host platform!
Shopping on your website should be easy, with the Shopify Plus plan! You can add eCommerce store capabilities in just a few clicks of code!
You’ll have access to collections and shopping carts that are fully customizable. With their lightweight SDK for retrieving products from an online store, it’s never been easier or quicker than now.
Shopify’s wholesale channel is a great Shopify plan option for sellers who want to start selling their products in bulk.
Shopify merchants can sync orders, items, and buyers’ accounts within the same administrative landscape without making any changes on your end!
This means no more managing multiple customer profiles or storefronts. – You launch one password-protected page where all of them will be stored under the collection name. “My Account” so that they are easily accessible when needed most during the checkout process.

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce – Ease of Use

What many people don’t realize is that an Enterprise solution for an eCommerce platform means you have access to extra features. It’s great, but also comes at the cost of the learning curve when determining how best to use this service.

A large enterprise-sized company like Amazon Web Services offers powerful tools such as storage and computing power in a returnable hosted environment with low maintenance costs. But, it does come at a price: higher upfront investments (especially if your business doesn’t grow quickly).
An important difference between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce is their ability to offer a mobile-optimized website.
This means that users can browse on their smartphone or tablet without having issues with loading times. It saves you time in browsing too!
Shopify plus has Mobile-optimized websites as standard while Big Commerce cannot provide this feature. Because of its costlier Shopify plan option.
Shopify is a great solution for those who want an easy-to-use, scalable platform. Shopify’s intuitive design minimizes the need to learn new programming languages or interface with external software tools. It can be intimidating if you’re not sure where they’ll take your business in the future.
BigCommerce offers many of these features too. – But it also requires users have technical skills on top of them already having creative ones!
Shopify makes it as easy to set up your website and start selling online. Shopify Plus does not require any programming experience. It is great because not everyone has the time or know-how!
A popular eCommerce platform that’s free for retailers of all sizes. – No matter what you sell on there – Shopify offers features like social media integration so customers can share their purchases with friends in seconds! – Instead of picking apart every last detail about an item before buying just once again via email campaigns.
BigCommerce offers more advanced features than Shopify. There’s a drag and drop option with Big Commerce. It allows you to choose exactly where each component goes. It is helpful for creating custom layouts or designs unique to the BigCommerce merchants’ specifications.
BigCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market today. You can create things like sing-page checkouts, product reviews, and custom URL structures for free with no bloatware or extras you need to add yourself such as paid plans. They include everything from marketing tools to all quick and easy shipping options.
With an overwhelming number of features available at your fingertips in both free forms or extra fees. Depending on what fits best into your budget, there’s no doubt this site has something just right whatever needs might be.
Shopify and BigCommerce both have easy-to-use interfaces, but they’re not for everyone. These types of platforms can take time to learn. Because there are so many features with which you need familiarity. If your site is going to be successful in this competitive market.

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce – Designing

Design matters when building a website! BigCommerce offers an advanced customization framework. It lets you change the look of your site without writing any code.
The editor enables easier design changes online so it’s easy for store owners like yourself to get creative with their storefronts!

BigCommerce’s drag and drop website builder is clean, modern-looking with a sleek design. You can personalize it by adding your own logo or colors to stand out from competitors!
If you know how code works though there are many popular libraries available for those looking beyond aesthetics like CSS & HTML
The BigCommerce team has done an excellent job designing their platform as well. It’s flexible in terms of customization options while still being easy enough that most customers will be able to get up running right away. – Even if they’re not developers themselves.
BigCommerce Enterprise themes are expensive, but the variety and quality of these templates make them worth it.
There is a wide range of different styles. You can choose if customization isn’t something important to your business model or brand image.
Shopify delivers a powerful and flexible eCommerce experience with Shopify Plus’ customizable design. You have access to the underlying code in their platform. It means you can experiment freely on how your site will function or look before launching it into production.
Shopify Plus also provides an extensive library of themes. It ranges from modern professional designs all the way down to more “traditional”. But still hip styles for those who want something less trendy than what’s currently trending right now.
Shopify offers a variety of paid theme options if you want to go above and beyond what’s available in the free section. Additionally, Shopify scripts allow developers the freedom to customize checkouts or carts without spending too much money. – Shopify scripts are perfect for those who are digital entrepreneurs!
Shopify offers a custom, no-code environment for merchants to enable them. The back end of your site can be linked with other programs and tools to provide more flexibility when developing new features. – Or changing existing layouts on the Shopify platform.
Shopify Plus is the ultimate platform for developers. Shopify, one of the best eCommerce platforms, allows them to customize their site even more through an embedded app SDK and coding in any language they prefer!

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce – Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vital component of any successful business. BigCommerce Enterprise delivers more than Shopify plan with its fully-featured online store. You also get expert support from the BigCommerce marketing team as well as SEO features!

BigCommerce has a well-established URL structure that allows your customers to easily find and reach you.
BigCommerce Enterprise’s customizable URLs are also equipped with webhooks. They are also equipped with automatic sitemaps, metadata for SEO purposes as well as Google Shopping integration!
BigCommerce features a number of tools to make sure your customers feel like they’re getting the very best service.
You can segment them by type, and spend more time on those who may need it most with automated messages. They remind them about their order or provide information should questions arise after checkout is complete. – This way every customer will leave complemented not only by what was purchased but also by how you provided assistance when needed.
Shopify Plus is the perfect solution for those who want to make it easier and more efficient when selling their products.
Shopify Plus offers augmented reality systems. This means you can allow your digital customers or potential clients to try out a product before they spend any money on it!
You won’t be able to get this kind of feature from most eCommerce platforms. So if you’re looking into expanding then look no further than.
Shopify Plus is a powerful eCommerce platform. It not only provides you with the tools and supports necessary for your business to thrive but also offers an array of SEO features.
Customizable URLs can be set up in no time at all thanks to their simple interface. Headers let visitors know about any discounts or gifts cards available on site while automatic sitemaps ensure maximum visibility online through the use of automated feeds generated by Google Analytics.
Shopify offers the most advanced sales strategy building academy. At the academy, you can learn about marketing from experts in your industry. You will also be able to automate some of these processes and create personalized emails for abandoned carts with this service as well!

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce – Sales

When it comes to eCommerce solutions, there is no shortage of options.
Some tools focus on sales features while others are more focused on building a community or engaging with customers. But, both Bigcommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus have something that both can offer. – Solid (reliable) business functionality for your online store needs!

Both Shopify and BigCommerce are excellent eCommerce platforms when it comes to running an online store.
Shopify Plus offers features like Shopify shipping, SSL certificates for customer peace of mind. It also provides multi-channel selling capabilities across Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.
But, the Bigcommerce store also provides you with great options in terms of BigCommerce fees and pricing plans. It can be customized based on order value. So as long Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise meet your requirements at any given point then there’s no hassle!

Both BigCommerce and Shopify Provides Effective Features

Both Shopify and Bigcommerce have powerful sales features to attract customers. A variety of payment gateway options means you can choose the one that works best for your ecosystem. It will give more people access to what they need!
SEO and marketing functionality makes sure no customer goes unnoticed online with both BigCommerce and Shopify platforms.

Both BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus offer two very different sales solutions that will suit your needs. As BigCommerce Enterprise is a more comprehensive eCommerce platform. It’s likely to be the best choice if you want one-stop functionality. Such as, managing credit card payments as well as marketing tools with built-in features like Google My Business Analytics or advanced reporting on eCommerce revenue by country.
With this type of access right out of the box without having to hire additional staff members at an extra cost. – Whether they’re full-time employees or contractors – you’ll never need another system again!
Shopify has all the functionality you need for eCommerce businesses. But if these features aren’t available out-of-the-box or through addons/integrations then there are other tools that can be used. For example:
You could allow customers to deliver reviews and testimonials with Bigcommerce Enterprise by using a social proof tool. It allows them to do so without having to find separate apps.
You’ll also have access to unlimited staff accounts where they will collaborate on customizing experiences just perfect in line with their audience’s needs. – Making sure everything runs smoothly from order management down!
Shopify Plus offers more than just the core features of Shopify, such as product discovery and easy checkout.
The app selection also includes automation tools like Shopify Flow. It will help you do things automatically without having to worry about it yourself. – Like hide out-of-stock products for your customers!
That’s why Shopify Flow is one of the most effective automation workflow tools in the eCommerce market.
BigCommerce Enterprise offers a lot more options to choose from when selling products online than Shopify themes do.
For example, Shopify’s free themes can offer up to 600 different variations of one product. But, on other sites, you are limited in what colors or sizes there might be for certain designs. – so if you’re looking at designing something unique then Bigcommerce Enterprise may be your best option!
Shopify’s increased functionality is a great choice for businesses that want to customize their site the most.
The third-party app store on Shopify’s platform offers an extensive range of tools. You can find tools from social media integration and analytics software right through to eCommerce solutions like Payment processing services. It can help you take your business into new markets!
Shopify is an eCommerce platform that connects to over 150 different tools (third-party apps) and systems. It allows you to improve frontend functionality with addons like the ability for custom fields. With Shopify’s APIs or Peoplers sections on their marketplace (a place where people can buy products), they offer even more integration options!
In addition, if using a headless architecture – which means no storefront – you’re able to build out your own website in minutes! You can do it in minutes instead of hours while still having access through all these other great technologies such as Facebook Ads Manager, and Google Analytics, etc. Plus customer information will always be up to date. Because it’s synced automatically every day when completed.
Shopify platform is a versatile eCommerce platform for businesses of all types. With Shopify’s automation features, you can streamline your business. You can also extend its reach with ease-of-use tools like 3D product videos or augmented reality Shopify apps. It will make every customer feel special!
Shopify Plus has all the tools your customers need to buy while they’re on the go. Shopify customers can check out with Shop Pay. They also customize their shipping rates and discounts using Shopify themes built-in options. They can create a custom package just for them by picking from various products in stock at checkout.

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise – Support

It’s important to have the right resources on hand when managing your online store.
Having access and support from professionals can provide you with peace of mind. So both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce solutions may need some extra attention in order for them to work best as expected!

BigCommerce and Shopify are both known for their extensive customer support.
Both BigCommerce and Shopify offer 24/7 phone, chat or email services to help you with any questions that arise when setting up your site-building solution. – Whether it’s an eCommerce store on one of these eCommerce platforms or something else!
Both Shopify and BigCommerce have all the necessary tools to help your eCommerce business. With these platforms, your online store reaches its full potential.
Shopify supports prompts throughout their dashboard. It links you to articles in our knowledgebase, while also providing guidance about integrating with other retailers or accessing PayPal payments seamlessly through one platform. – No coding required!
Plus if set up correctly from day 1 of launching an account on them both platforms can provide ERP connections too. It means increased efficiency for managing inventory levels across suppliers worldwide.
Guidance and help are available for websites of all types.
This should not pose a problem with either BigCommerce Enterprise or Shopify Plus. Though it is possible that professional assistance may be required in some instances. Especially API calls must go through an outside source such as Facebook Ads Manager instead of using your own application program interface (API).

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce – Security

To protect your online store, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different security features.
For starters, Shopify and BigCommerce have their own SSL certificates. It ensures all traffic is encrypted for increased protection against hackers.

And if this isn’t enough – or if the need arises – then they offer advanced options like Managed Services or Dedicated hosting. It offers even more robust service plans than basic Web Hosting does!
Both Shopify and BigCommerce offer great services for retailers. The two eCommerce platforms provide more than just WordPress solutions.
BigCommerce and Shopify also meet PCI compliance standards with their wide range of features. They include social media integration, high bandwidth capacity, and faceted search functions coupled with amazing support from BigCommerce Enterprise team members. The team works hard to make sure your site stays secure all day every day!

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce – Pricing

eCommerce stores come in all shapes and sizes. But it’s important to find the right eCommerce platform for you that will work best with your business goals.
When looking at monthly fee structures of e-tailers like BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus, consider how often they plan on using their service as well as what type of site visitor base are they targeting?

A scalable option might be more suitable depending upon these factors. So don’t forget about those cap-ex savings during budgeting time!
It can be difficult to know which plan is best for you. If money isn’t an issue, then BigCommerce and Shopify are good options. As they offer smaller plans with a lower cost per sale prices than competitors like eBay or Etsy do at a similar level of service quality.
However, if your business needs more storage space within the same budget range (lowering overhead costs) we recommend opting for one of Enterprise’s monthly packages instead. – They provide over 100GB worth of data each month!

BigCommerce Pricing Enterprise

Bigcommerce Enterprise offers an Enterprise solution for businesses. It provides the power to customize and offer solutions tailored like any other BigCommerce product.
With no set price and transaction fees, BigCommerce customers can reach out to the BigCommerce team about what they need help on! When it comes time for BigCommerce merchants to start building their site or digital storefront.
There are a few things to consider when looking at different eCommerce platforms. But it’s important not just to focus on the cost of going from one eCommerce platform. – Shopify Plus vs Bigcommerce Enterprise. Also, you need to take into account transaction fees.
Transaction fees change depending on the platform and options such as Basic Shopify and Shopify Plus. So while comparing BigCommerce and Shopify prices, transaction fees are one of the most important things.
You also need to take into account transaction fees and how easy is going single store migration process will be as well in order for an informed decision (though if you’re thinking about starting small with only 1 or 2 products)

Shopify Payments

Shopify Plus has a much better description of its transaction fees and pricing than BigCommerce Enterprise.
Shopify pricing indicates that their package will generally start at around $2000 per month. But it’s important to note you may need an individual consultation before deciding on transaction fees, Shopify payments. Because they can vary depending on what features you want. If there is any customization needed in order for your Shopify and BigCommerce store theory, higher-priced packages could also go down as well.
Shopify’s payment service is the best way to avoid transaction fees. But if you don’t have an enterprise version of Shopify or need something more than payments then this might not be ideal.
With Shopify Plus, you know that your transaction fees will be lower.
The cost of 2% is the base set fee for using the Payments service. – Not to mention any extra costs incurred from special promotions or discounts given by payment processors.


With so many different website builder options out there, it’s a challenge for store owners to choose the right one.
Shopify Plus with its various package types and BigCommerce Enterprise level offers that are customizable how you want them. – No doubt these choices can be overwhelming!
The key is starting small if your company has limited funds. Try either of these popular platforms before upgrading later on down the line! When you have more money or expanding into new markets needs attention from time to time.
Don’t worry about finding the perfect solution, because there are so many options! BigCommerce and Shopify both have excellent tools. Those tools can help you with your eCommerce needs.
Choose between BigCommerce and Shopify platforms based on what features will work best for how much time and money you want to spend developing an app or integrating one into your site. – If at all possible try out each before making up your mind.

FAQ – BigCommerce versus Shopify Plus

Which is better Shopify or Shopify plus?

When it comes to platform comparison, Shopify and Shopify Plus are both great platforms for eCommerce businesses. But there’s one key difference between the two: Shoppy Plus has more features. It gives you access to your store’s underlying code. So that problems can be fixed faster or new functions added on-demand without having any coding knowledge yourself!

Is BigCommerce good for eCommerce?

BigCommerce is a leading eCommerce builder with the scalability to provide online stores of any size. It has more features than any other company. It can integrate across channels for maximum reach in an ever-changing market landscape.

Does BigCommerce integrate with Shopify?

There are BigCommerce’s app store and Shopify’s app store available for both Shopify and BigCommerce. They allow you to integrate the BigCommerce and Shopify platforms with other web applications or add features. For example, there is an official integration between Mailchimp. This means that customers can sign up through your website if they want to access it without another account elsewhere!

What is the advantage of Shopify plus?

Shopify Plus is the perfect eCommerce platform for any business looking to take their online store from good, to great! With powerful features like dedicated Shopify apps and flexible API calls with other programs such as LinkedIn or Instagram. – You’ll never run out of ways to expand your product offerings.

Why is Shopify plus so expensive?

Shopify Plus pricing is based on usage and trading volumes. As a fully hosted platform, this seems reasonable. Since the more active your store becomes, so too will be its bandwidth requirements. There are two different license options available. $2k minimum monthly or 40K maximum per month (or any combination).

What is the best Shopify payment method?

Shopify payment gateways offer a simple way to integrate your store with various credit card processing systems. Shopify connects you through all these platforms! Also, the Shopify payments method can be activated in just two clicks!
With the Shopify payments options, you’ll get access not only to PayPal but also to Stripe or Visa funds transfer. It is perfect if selling physical goods too.
Authorize net is another Shopify payments option worth considering. Because Shopify platform and Shopify payments options offer some great features at competitive pricing. – One such feature being unlimited ten thousand dollar escrow accounts per month (only $10).
You can choose one of these Shopify payments options.
Contact us if you need assistance selecting the right platform or migrating to one of these platforms.

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