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It’s estimated that eCommerce revenue will hit $1.8 trillion dollars annually by 2023 in the U.S. alone! eCommerce development is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a large one, a new one or an old one. If you want a slice, you’re going to need to start selling your products online.
There are hundreds of eCommerce platforms to choose from, and Optimum7 has years of experience successfully integrating them into our clients’ website.
Optimum7 is an Expert E-Commerce Development Company and we work with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Volusion, Infusionsoft, Netsuite, 3DCart and more. Our talented team of strategists, programmers and marketers can consult you on all of the platforms that will best suit the needs of your E-commerce business.


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Custom Development for
Shopify Stores

At Optimum7, we have built hundreds of websites from the ground up for almost every type of industry. Our customers are always pleased with our work, after all, we do have over 15 years of experience building eCommerce websites for our Shopify clients. On average our clients experience an increase of 50% in website traffic. Optimum7 has worked with a small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to increase conversions, traffic, and navigability for their Shopify development stores.

Custom Solutions We've Built




Specialist ID provides shoppers with lanyards, ID badge holders, and badge reels at wholesale prices. Some of their clients are tax exempt but they had no way of directly sending Specialist ID their certificate for approval. The company was clearly losing business due to this obstacle. 


The team of expert developers and programmers at Optimum7 was able to create a tax exempt functionality right on the clients website for customers to use. This functionality allows tax exempt customers to apply their certificate to the Specialist ID database. Specialist ID can now approve any pending tax exempt clients on the backend and speed up the conversion process. 

Optimum7 has provided me expert SEO consultation and services over the past year. They really took ownership of the entire process and have proven to me that they have the “chops” to consistently drive business results for my company. Its great to have a strategic partner like Optimum7 as they have freed me to focus on other key areas of my business with the confidence and the peace of mind that I will continually be improving my online presence and business. Traffic is double over the same period last year (2010) and sales are up 400%. Really great stuff! Optimum7 has been able to integrate a product customization feature to show our customer a preview of their custom designed product before adding to cart. This has been an invaluable for both us and our customers.
Specialist ID

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Our Shopify Development Services

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our team of Shopify experts can diagnose where your users are leaving your site and optimize those pages to make the most out of your web traffic. With this data we can optimize your pages with new call to actions that will get them in the buying mood. Optimum7 has the tools and resources to get your website on the top of SERPs, we will analyze your links, content, structure, and more to make sure your website is converting quality customers.

Store Design & Customization

Have the upper hand with a UI/UX customized website to promote product sales and enhance your customers shopping journey. Add custom functionalities to your websites you only imaged of having, our Shopify programmers and developers specialize in bringing your web page vision to life. We have designed over 600 custom functionalities for all e-commerce platforms. 

Payment Gateways & App Integration

Shopify Payments allows for additional payment integrations to be linked, the team at Optimum7 can automate this process for you while making sure you are giving your customer ultimate security features. With an SSL certificate you can secure credit card transactions and customer information.


Want to migrate your store to Shopify? Our team of programmers have migrated hundreds of e-commerce stores for our clients. Optimum7, one of the best Shopify partners, automates this process so well you won’t even notice when the migration is done. In addition to migrating all your data, we will also make sure your new website is search engine optimized. 

Our Development Process

Strategy & Analysis

As a Shopify partner, we start with analyzing your business and creating a plan that makes sense for your industry and your needs.


We want this process to be done efficiently with a clear execution schedule for your Shopify development project. 


In order to ensure we deliver all your needs, we will send you testable mockups of what we have been working on along the way. 


Your vision is our developers and programmers most important priority. They will design your new site with your company in mind. 

Why Choose Shopify Online Store?

If you need to run a multi-product development store equipped with inventory features, marketing tools, customer records hold, built-in functionalities- then Shopify is the eCommerce platform for you. The best way to choose between Shopify and it’s other competitors is to first determine your goals, resources, and expertise in running an online store.

Built-in Functionalities

Unlike other Ecommerce platforms which rely on third-party applications,  Shopify has a large selection of built-in features, up-sell functionalities, and other all the features that improve customer experience and conversion rate. Additionally, Shopify has created their “Buy Button” feature where you can sell your products on other separate sites. If you are striving to have a presence on multiple platforms, this functionality is for you. External site opens other platforms. You can see your products on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other external site. 

Built-in Speed and Secure Hosting

Studies have shown that most people will only wait an average of 4 seconds on a loading page before abandoning the site. This time frame can get even tighter depending on the industry you are in. With Shopify account, you have unlimited bandwidth to make sure your website is performing in top speeds. Shopify platform provides early access its customers. A key factor to consider when starting an e-commerce store is security. You want your customer to feel safe on your Shopify website and not worry about losing their private information. Shopify handles security at a global level to ensure all customer information is safe, by proving 100% SSL and making sure your site is PCI compliant. 

Shopify: Pros & Cons


  • 24/7 fast customer care support services
  • Hosted cart with an SSL with incredible security features 
  • Immense e-commerce app store
  • Shopify API integration
  • Free tips and resources for beginners 
  • Ability to create 100% crawlable clean code to optimize for SEO
  • Sell across multiple channels: Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Instagram


  • Restricted access to checkout pages 
  • 100 product variations limit 
  • Content does not automatically reformat if you switch to a different website design
  • Enforces its own transaction fee with Shopify Payments
  • You must use both the editor and the dashboard to create your storefront 

FAQ - Shopify Development

Shopify is used by all types of businesses, from budding entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar companies. This mean Shopify offers all the necessary tools for you to start your online store creation journey and the tools you may need to keep expanding your business. 

With thousands of Shopify themes to choose from Shopify theme store, you are sure to find one that fits your company’s vision and has all the capabilities your customers will want in an online store. You can find design inspirations online to incorporate into your Shopify store. 

Bring these ideas to a professional theme development team to bring them to life. As you navigate through the dashboard you will find out how Shopify has synced perfectly the power of e-commerce platforms with ease of use. The immense store of Shopify apps makes it easy for owners to find new way to increase conversions while making the shopping experience worthwhile for customers.

When you start using any e-commerce platform you will experience a learning curve, Shopify’s learning curve is a bit steeper than most other e-commerce platforms due to the jargon the platform uses to for certain elements. For example, as an eCommerce business you will have categories to put your products in. On Shopify, categories are “collections” and you match each of your products to their respective collection. 

Shopify is a great all-in-one solution if you are trying to scale your business and add a myriad of products. And, if your focus is on marketing and expanding your customer range Shopify has the marketing tools for you. Complete with SEO and mobile user friendly themes, templates, and more you can see an increase in visibility and overall brand awareness. 

A highly valued feature of Shopify is the ability to integrate multiple payment methods on your e-commerce site. Some integrations Spotify allows include: 

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Money order 
  • Cash on delivery

Though Shopify allows for all these different types of payment options, they do charge an additional transaction charge on top of any payment gateway you use other than Shopify Payments. If you do not want to get charged additional transaction fees, keep to only using Shopify Payment powered by Stripe. 

The best way to determine if the “Basic Shopify” plan or the “Shopify” plan is not according to the additional tools you receive because some of these tools can be found on competitor platforms for similar prices. As a business owner you should make an analysis of how these extra tools will help you grow your specific business. These tools may be beneficial for your neighbor, but it does not be they will benefit your company. 

Now, what is the tool that differentiates the “Basic Shopify” plan and the “Shopify” or “Advanced Shopify” plan that most if not all companies can benefit from? It is the “Abandoned Cart Recovery” tool which allows you to automatically follow-up with prospects if they have abandoned their cart. E-commerce giants like Amazon use this tool to increase their sales and lower abandoned cart rates. Why shouldn’t you?

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