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eCommerce and Digital Marketing Video Blog: SURGE is Optimum7’s weekly video blog where we discuss the latest in eCommerce development, search engine optimization, and custom programming solutions. We assemble a panel of marketers, developers, and copywriters along with our COO, Duran Inci, to give you a full scope view on these issues.

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How to Increase Leads and Sales with Video Marketing

In this Surge Session, we discuss video marketing and how it can help you boost sales and generate more quality [...]

Top 8 SEO Tools for Auditing a Website

In this Surge Session, we cover the top tools for performing an SEO audit on your website. We review the [...]

How to Drop Ship Profitably in 2019

Drop shipping is a method of order fulfillment that does not require a business to have an inventory. Instead, a [...]

Top Short-Term Strategies to Increase Your Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, and Magento Store Sales FAST in 2019

In this Surge Session, we discuss different strategies to increase sales for eCommerce stores. We mainly focus on short-term strategies [...]

Why Are My Amazon Sales Down?

Amazon sales are down in 2018 for sellers across the board and forums are packed with small businesses questioning why [...]

Blog Marketing: Tips and Tricks to Make your Blog a Lead Magnet

In this Surge Session we talk about how to use your blog as a marketing tool. We are joined by Joe Hassun [...]

Lead Generation Strategies for Small Businesses

In this Surge Session we talk about lead generation strategies for small businesses and how to set up a led generation [...]

How to Increase Ecommerce Average Order Volume and Customer Lifetime Value

In this Surge Session we go over different strategies for increasing average order volume (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLV) for both [...]

How to Structure Content for SEO

In this Surge Session we cover the latest content marketing trends, specifically structured content. The simplest definition for Structured Content is that whether [...]

Custom Software Platform Development: Tips and Tricks for 2018-2019

In this week's Surge Session, we go over the steps one needs to take in order to take on a [...]

Amazon Alternative Marketplaces in 2018-2019 for Sellers: How to Diversify Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce businesses are growing increasingly frustrated with the barriers they are facing when trying to sell on Amazon. In this [...]

eCommerce Migration: Tips and Tricks for Re-Platforming

This week's Surge Session focuses on eCommerce migration, which refers to switching your eCommerce operation from your current platform to a [...]

How to Choose an Internet Marketing and SEO Company: Avoid Getting Ripped Off

In this week's Surge Session, we address how to choose the best digital marketing agency for your business, what to [...]

How to Increase Sales and Conversions for eCommerce and Amazon Stores for Shopping Season in 2018

The 2018 shopping season is coming up fast. eCommerce businesses, whether they are selling on Amazon or on their own [...]

GDPR Compliance Cold Email and Lead Generation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations passed by the European Union in March 2018 aimed at [...]

FFL eCommerce – Requirements, Implications, and Solutions

In our first Surge Session, we delve into the topic of FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers) and how online gun [...]

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