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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Vistaprint for Your Website

Creating a good first impression is essential for any business, large or small. In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your company comes across as professional and credible.

One of the best ways to do this is to invest in high-quality design and marketing materials. A well-designed website can make all the difference when it comes to winning over new customers.

To do that, you have to go the extra mile for the quality. You can feel confident that it will pay you back when users choose your website over your competition because of the quality of your website.

Why You Should Not Use Vistaprint: 7 Things to Consider

When most people think about building a website from the ground up, they think about Wix or Vistaprint for a cheap and fast solution. However, if you want a quality website you must find another solution than using services like Vistaprint and Wix.

Fast and short-term solutions will reflect poorly on your business. If you do your due diligence well enough, you’ll see that a lot of people actually see eye to eye with us on this.

Instead, take the time to find a sensible solution that can produce high-quality materials for a long time that will leave a lasting impression. But what is Vistaprint anyways?

What is Vistaprint?

Vistaprint is a company that offers a variety of design services, including website design and development. Their economical yet insufficient solutions are used in many eCommerce websites.

While they offer cheap and fast solutions that may seem tempting for small business owners at first glance, there are many reasons why using Vistaprint for your website can be a mistake.

Using Vistaprint is not always the best option for building a website…

While it may provide some convenience and flexibility in customizing your site, this comes at the cost of control over the underlying infrastructure and security. Unlike owning your own house, which gives you full control over construction, plumbing, and other aspects of your living space, using Vistaprint rather means that you are essentially leasing an apartment from them.

This means that you have less direct control over how your site is built and maintained, leaving you vulnerable to any issues with the platform or its security protocols. Ultimately, using Vistaprint may not be the best choice if you are looking for total control over every aspect of your online presence.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Other Solutions Other Than Vistaprint for Web Design

If you are looking for a low-cost way to create or redesign your website, you may be considering using Vistaprint. However, before you make your decision, here are seven reasons why Vistaprint might not be the right solution for you and your website.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list. There are many other reasons why Vistaprint might not be the best option for website design and development.

So if none of these seven reasons speak to you, be sure to do more research before making your final decision. Now that you know what Vistaprint is and its capabilities, time to go over the reasons why you should avoid Vistaprint.

1. Vistaprint Website Builder has Limited Features and Functionalities

If you’re looking for a website builder that gives you complete control over your site, Vistaprint is not for you. While their premium service does allow you to use your own domain name, you’re still limited to their website builder.

Plus, you can’t add your own code (whether it’s HTML, CSS, or PHP), which restricts your ability to improve and optimize your website.

If you want your website to have additional features that improve the customer experience

There are plenty of other solutions for building a website out there that don’t have these limitations, so it’s best to avoid Vistaprint if you want complete control over your site.

2. Lack of Scalability

While Vistaprint’s website builder is handy for getting a quick site up and running, it is not versatile enough to be used for long-term scaling.

Vistaprint’s interface may offer sufficient options to build a simple store with just a few items, but if you ever plan on expanding your business, you will have trouble scaling your website.

Plus, upgrading to additional services can be expensive and cumbersome with Vistaprint. If you want to make sure that your site is ready for growth, working with an agency might be the more viable option.

3. Better Planned Professional Websites Have Higher ROI

Despite the fact that most small company owners have little or no experience with website design, many of them believe that services like Vistaprint represent the key to success. This is largely due to the fact that Vistaprint offers affordable prices and an intuitive website builder that even those with no coding experience can use.

However, while such features may be appealing in theory, they often result in low-quality websites that fail to engage customers and deliver good ROI. In reality, a truly successful website requires extensive planning, careful design, and regular maintenance in order to achieve long-term results.

So if you are a small business owner looking for Website success, it’s important to look past the hype and focus on finding more effective solutions. Vistaprint’s website builder is very basic and offers some pre-built design templates to choose from.

However, we think that the quality of these designs might be very basic and unprofessional…

Additionally, Vistaprint blatantly disobeys design principles, which results in a lot of their websites looking cheap and poorly made. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your visitors, Vistaprint might not be the best option.

There are other solutions out there that can offer you better quality designs and more professional-looking websites that convert customers and payback in the long run. Do your research and find the website builder that best suits your needs.

4. Not Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

To increase your website’s online visibility and searchability, it is crucial to optimize it for SEO. This involves using relevant keywords throughout the site, as well as creating engaging content that helps to attract and keep visitors.

In addition, it is important that your website gets indexed by search engines and get a ranking so people can find it. Through careful optimization and ongoing engagement with potential customers, SEO can help you boost your online presence and reach new audiences.

But beware – Vistaprint might not be a good option if you are looking for real SEO results or lasting value…

Their cheap services often come at the cost of quality, and it can be difficult to achieve measurable results with Vistaprint’s tactics. Plus SEO is a lot trickier than it sounds.

Unless you devote a big portion of your time and energy to it, you’re not going to see any results. So hiring an expert is your best bet.

So if you truly care about your online presence, it is essential to look beyond Vistaprint and find a more reliable service provider who can help you succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape.

5. Your Domain Is Not Actually Yours, You Have To Buy It Back

While many people might be under the impression that they own their domain names, this is not actually the case. Technically, your domain name is simply leased from the domain registrar company you register it to.

However, as long as your registration is active, YOUR DOMAIN BELONGS TO YOU. This is one area where Vistaprint falls short, as they will require you to purchase your domain back from them in order to continue using it after switching providers.

If you choose a site design or web hosting firm, be sure they don’t seize your domain name if you terminate your service. Make sure your domain name is within your control.

6. Vistaprint Charges You Extra for the Things that Should Be Free

When it comes to choosing a website design service, you may be tempted by Vistaprint’s seemingly reasonable prices.

But before you hand over your hard-earned money, it’s important to consider the fact that Vistaprint might be ripping you off

Vistaprint charges huge markups on features that are offered for free by other services, so they’re not really offering you a good deal at all.

For example, Vistaprint may advertise a particular package with premium options and features…

However, if you look more closely at their fees and compare them to other companies’ offerings, it becomes clear that Vistaprint may be trying to trick customers into paying more than they should. So if you want a professional, profitable website that pays you back in the long run you might want to find an agency that knows what they are doing. Be sure to do your research and look elsewhere for better deals and quality solutions.

After all, there’s no reason to settle for cheap looking end-product when there are service providers who can design and build a website that looks professional and actually converts customers and pays you back in the long term.

7. Lack of Flexible Pricing

Another reason why you might want to find another solution other than using Vistaprint for your website design needs is that its pricing structure doesn’t allow for much flexibility. Vistaprint is a popular choice for businesses looking to build their online presence, but it certainly isn’t the most cost-effective or efficient option.

Compared to its direct competitors, like Wix and Weebly, Vistaprint is significantly more expensive and offers much less in terms of features and functionality. What’s more, Vistaprint doesn’t even begin to offer many useful site analytics until you move up to their higher-level plans.

And, if your goal is optimizing your website for search engines, Vistaprint lags far behind its competitors in terms of features such as SEO capabilities. Overall, if you’re planning on using Vistaprint for anything more than a few months, it will end up being much more expensive than going with a competitor that provides access to a wider range of features at a much better value.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a website up and running, Vistaprint is definitely worth considering. They provide a simple user interface and an easy-to-use editor with drag-and-drop blocks, so you can rapidly build and personalize your site.

However, there are trade-offs to consider with an all-inclusive website builder — specifically functionality, customization options, and control. And this is where Vistaprint definitely falls short when compared to other all-inclusive website builders.

For example, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated editor with more features and options, you’ll be disappointed with Vistaprint. And if you want more control over the design and layout of your site, you’ll find that Vistaprint’s customization options are quite limited.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a basic website up and running, Vistaprint is a good option. But if you’re looking for anything more than that, you’ll probably be better off with another solution.

So if you’re considering Vistaprint for your business or website needs, it might be wise to look elsewhere instead.

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