When it comes to Marketing Automation Services for Industrial eCommerce you NEED an Experienced Team: Industrial eCommerce Automation For B2B Companies And Distributors

Optimum7 has worked with over 100 industrial and B2B businesses in eCommerce. Some of them already had an existing operation and others required building from scratch. Each structure and entity is also different.

Some B2B manufacturers or suppliers have wanted to start selling directly to consumers. Other industrial businesses were actually going through a manufacturing process or building customs products from scratch and they needed help with that type of automation and lead time.

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Common Pitfalls With Inexperienced Marketing Automation Services:
Few companies understand this concept at the industrial, business, marketing, functionality, back-end coding, and high-level architecture level. Optimum7 provides this value.

Some clients come to Optimum7 after nightmare experiences. The previous company didn’t understand what they needed to do or lacked the expertise to execute.

Four or five clients have come from consultants that had three to five employees. What do you say to that?

These consultants can provide advice, but they don’t really know the intricacies or details of this level of execution. What do you say to CEOs, CFOs, COOs, business owners that are looking for this when they’re dealing with these three to five employee consultants?

If You’re working on a deal that’s anywhere between 30,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can’t trust a five-person team to handle that. You’re going to need an army: QA engineers, business analysts, back-end, and front-end.

An entire development team must be dedicated to this project. One or two people on a five-person team can’t handle the content on their own. The other three members are not developers but rather salespeople.

Such a team has two developers that are overloaded, overworked. This project is not their only priority. Nurture a dedicated team in order to execute something like this because it is a huge undertaking.

If you have a specific automation flow or are looking for deep consulting in terms of your B2B, industrial, or manufacturing B2B eCommerce operations, Optimum7 can help. If you have any questions, let the marketers or developers know.

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