The Growing Importance of Video Marketing for eCommerce – TOP Trends in the Future of eCommerce 2022

Too many brands are failing to properly leverage the power of video. And what do you say to million-dollar brands that spend no time or effort on video? You’re missing the boat.

Video is huge, and everybody knows it. It’s one thing to rely on static imagery in marketing, but it’s a whole different ball game altogether to use video.

What’s So Great About Using Video in eCommerce Marketing? It’s not simply another way to engage. It represents a substantial means for easily getting out there in front of your audience.

Remember Vine? The videos on Vine were only six-second long and, still, it was acquired for $30 million because they knew the value of video. Whether it’s to sell a product, capture engagement, expand your branding, there’s an abundance of options for reaching your target audience through video.

And if you’re not doing video, you’re definitely missing the boat.
Furthermore, one of the best ways that you can build top-funnel traffic, at the cheapest cost possible, is through a video. So, at Optimum7, we recommend to all the eCommerce businesses out there to create 30-second, 45-second, and 60-second snippets for your products.

If you have products, and you don’t have a video for every single product, you’re leaving hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars on the table.

Video is not an option anymore. It’s essential.

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