How to Optimize Google Shopping Ads to Reduce CPC in a Competitive Market

Navigate to Google and search for “LED TV” — or any product. You’ll notice that the first thing that shows up is the Google Merchant snippet.

If you’re on BigCommerce or Shopify, it’s as easy as a press of a button to get all of your products moved over to Google AdWords, Google Shopping, and Google Merchant. You get listed quickly, which leads everybody to think that it’s just that easy.

Optimize Your Google Shopping and Merchant Ads with Optimum7
At Optimum7, we understand that this can be a lot of information on which to keep a steady eye. When you have a business to run it can be exhausting to wade through all of the little variables that can have a huge impact on your revenue.

Fortunately, we’re Google experts who have a passion for collaborating with eCommerce businesses of all sizes and in any industry. If you have more questions about optimizing your Google Shopping, Google AdWords, or Google Merchant accounts, reach out to our team today.

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