How to Get Started with Voice Control for eCommerce – TOP Trends in the Future of eCommerce 2022

A trend that is increasing in popularity is to allow your customers to use their voice. When consumers want to buy from Amazon, they don’t have to go to anymore. They can just say, “Hey, Alexa, order me those espresso capsules.”

It’s still very new and, generally, only the huge brands are using it, so how can the average eCommerce retailer take advantage of voice?

Yeah. So because it is new, that offers a whole realm of opportunity. So when other people really aren’t diving into it, that’s when you dive in and you grab market share.

So before it’s saturated, before there’s millions of people in here, before you’re scratching and scraping for every penny, now’s the time to go in, optimize for voice, get that market share and make some profit off of it. So it’s definitely a huge differentiator when you were just talking about looking to differentiate, that’s a huge way.

How Do I Implement Voice Control into My eCommerce Store?
With rich snippets on your website. If you have rich snippets on your product pages, and your descriptions are rich snippets — the prices, the reviews, everything — then the voice API will have whatever it needs on your site.

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