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6 minute read

How to Get Facebook Video Views for #post_title.01 or LESS

How to Get Facebook Video Views for $0.01 or LESS

I think you will agree with me when I say…

The Facebook advertising space has been getting extremely saturated with more and more competition coming in and spending their advertising dollars.

But, what if I told you there is a way to get Facebook video views for $0.01 or less per view?

Penny ($0.01) Facebook Video Views $5 Facebook Video views - 3,000+ people reached 30,000+ Facebook 3-Sec Video Views

The images above are from 3 campaigns that I ran. In the image on the left, you can see the price per video view for one campaign is 1 penny. As you can see with the image on the right, I was able to achieve a price per video view at 1 quarter of a penny for another campaign.

Yeah, ¼ of a penny!

And you can do it too.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can get cheap video views on Facebook. And, as a bonus, I’m going to tell you how you can get a high number of engaging fans using what I call the Penny or Less Video View Formula.

Who My Formula is Going to Work For:

If you are someone who posts on social media regularly, whether it’s on a page for yourself or on behalf of a business, then the information I am about to share should be very helpful to you.

The Tools You Need:

To fully take advantage of the insight I am about to present to you, you will need the following tools:

  • A Facebook Business Page
  • Buzz Sumo
  • $5 to boost the Facebook video
  • A video editor tool (any will do)
  • A video downloader (Personally, I use )

Step One: Find Viral Content

The first step towards achieving Facebook video views for as little as $0.01 or less is to find content that has already gone viral on any platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube, etc.)

If you got to buzzsumo.com, then can quickly find an influx of articles, images, and videos related to a variety of topics. On Buzz Sumo, you can type specific keywords into the ‘Search’ box and the site will bring up an assortment of content that is related to whatever keyword you enter.

For example, I got to Buzz Sumo and I type “marketing” into the ‘Search’ box. A bunch of videos, images, and article posts that have already gone viral appear on the page. All of the content that is now on my screen has already gone viral through other people’s social media pages. What we are going to do is leverage this same content and boost it up.

Since we already know the content has been successful in the past, there is no guessing if the content will be successful again. So, we are going to take the content and make it go viral again on our own social media page.

Buzz Sumo Most Shared Postings - Marketing

In the example above, you can see a video of the Olympic Games shared by YouTube and that the video has been shared a total of 732,500 times on all social media platforms. To share this video on your page, you would have to go to where the video is placed and download it using the Chrome extension: .

Then on to Step Two.

Step Two: Editing

After you download the video you want, you need to edit the video so it doesn’t look like you’re stealing the video for your own benefit. ;)

One way you can do this is by adding spacing and text to the video. This way, the video looks more like a video a friend shared on his or her timeline, instead of an advertisement.

Below is an example of mine:
Humans are so awesome - Luther Joseph facebook post

Tip 1: Ads that don’t look like ads get the best engagement.

Step Three: Post the Video to Your Facebook Page

This goes without saying, but you have to post the video you’ve “created” onto your Facebook page. This is the shortest step of the process… So, go ahead and post the video with whatever description you want to include.

Step Four: Boost the Video

Now it’s time to boost your post, but before you do, you should ask every person you know to like, comment on, and share the post.

Tip 2: Before boosting a post, have your friends, family, and loving followers engage with the post. The social proof you have already will help you boost the post further.

Facebook LinkedIn eBook Ad Optimum7 Santa Video Engagement Post

For example: Which ad would you engage with more? Answer: The one with the most engagement.

Tip 3: One of the most important, if not the most important, step in setting up an ad campaign is TARGETING. It doesn’t matter what you’re offering. Someone in the world is looking for it. You just have to make sure your ad finds them.

Step Five: Managing and Reviewing

Managing a Facebook ad is pretty simple. From a mobile device, you can download the Facebook Ads Manager application for iPhone and Android to easily monitor the progress of the content you post.

On a desktop, just go to the Business Manager and you’ll be able to view the progress of your ads there.

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BONUS: Retargeting

Once you post a good amount of viral videos, along with your content, to your page it’s time for you to capitalize on the Relationship Equity you have built up with your viewers.

Relationship Equity is the level of bond and trust you have developed with the people who do not know you personally or your brand. The more positive actions you’ve done (smiles you’ve put on their faces or useful information you’ve provided to your followers, etc.), the more positive deposits you are making into your Relationship Equity.

From all the funny, informative, or just all-around awesome content you’ve posted on your page, you’ve built a good amount of relationship equity with these people.

So, now it’s time to ask them to like your page.

Set-up an ad targeted towards a Facebook custom audience of people who have seen 75% or more of your videos and in the ad you’re going to ask these people to like your page if they want to see more of the content they enjoy seeing from your page.

Creating Facebook video custom audience 75% viewed

Let’s Get Started!

All of the information I’ve shared with you in this article is from my own trial and error on doing everything I could on keeping the cost of our Facebook videos down for our in-house ads and for our clients as well.

Start using the strategy I’ve shared with you and you will begin to see these results on your Facebook page. If you have any questions, then reach out to our team at Optimum7 by calling us at 866-848-6072 or fill out our online contact form.

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