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Facebook and Instagram eCommerce Sales

This week we will talk about getting e-commerce sales from Facebook and Instagram, and this is a topic that comes up often. We mostly work with clients who are earning more than two to three million dollars annually from e-commerce sales. The Next Level of Digital Marketing At Optimum7 we are e-commerce heavy. When clients […]

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Online PR For eCommerce Companies

Public Relations: an Essential Component of Online Marketing Strategy This week we will talk about online Public Relations (PR) and paid placement for eCommerce companies. Mind that we're not really talking about paid ads that you see on Facebook or AdWords. When we say online PR, it has to do more with branding and less [...] Read More
Common Project Management Mistakes and Solutions

Project Management for Integrated Marketing, Ecommerce and Custom Software Development

Setting Up Your Project Management System for Success When it comes to executing these marketing strategies, we have clients who are doing 10 million, 20 million, $30 million annually, and they have multiple mediums that they need to advertise on. You need graphics, you need video, you need specific executions, you need specific tasks, they [...] Read More
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