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Conditional Custom Product Pages with Custom Child Products and Dynamic Pricing

In today’s world, many eCommerce businesses are using conditional dynamic product pages with custom child products and dynamic pricing. These terms refer to selling a customized product. Users receive relevant prices and checkout options based on what they select. However, the pricing dynamically changes based on what they’re selling. Examples include companies that do personalized […]

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Customizing BigCommerce Templates To Maximize Conversions

Customizing Bigcommerce Themes and Designing for Ecommerce Conversions; Pricing and Improvements

Optimum7 has completed roughly ninety projects over the past six months involving conversion optimization for product pages and category pages. Many commerce owners ask, “Do I need the redesign?” They are looking at a redesign or repurposing a product page to attract more customers. Despite the financial goal, they’re not really making these decisions based […]

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Pay In Installments, Split Payments and Pay Overtime Functionality for E-Commerce

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce business owners are getting requests to handle customers splitting payments, using an installment plan, or paying over time. These systems include BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, and 3DCart. Over the past month, we’ve received around twenty requests from eCommerce websites trying to install pay over time, pay with multiple cards or […]

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How to Set Up an eCommerce Warehouse and Optimize Distribution Efficiency

We usually talk about the front end side of things in E-commerce. These involve platforms, receiving orders, marketing, and different types of functionalities to increase conversion rates. The back end of eCommerce, however, involves warehousing operations, the supply chain, and logistics. Optimizing Your Warehouse Setup Choosing your warehouse setup and inventory management system means selecting […]

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Advanced Faceted Search Using Algolia API

Algolia Search API Integration; Custom Faceted Search and Filter

When implementing faceted searches, tools such as the Algolia database will provide the framework and infrastructure that you need. They will allow users to narrow results as they search for products while providing a reasonable number of matches.  Leveraging Advanced Faceted Search for eCommerce Conversions Why is a faceted search an important eCommerce functionality? […]

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