Project Management

Are These 6 Things in Your Custom Programming Contracts? If Not, You Could Be Losing Money!

Although it’s the CEO/executives who sign the contract, it’s your job as the project manager to ensure that the contract covers all essential aspects of the project to prevent future disagreements between your team and the client. A well-developed custom programming contract not only helps you eliminate the unnecessary time spent on communicating with the […]

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The Branding Puzzle – Piecing it together

I often feel that building a brand is similar to solving a puzzle. Only, branding is a puzzle with about 5000 pieces and 50% of the pieces are hidden in other rooms of your house. I don’t mean to say the client or your team members are pilfering pieces intentionally, it just kind of happens. You see, no matter how much research I do, how many hours I spend on a project, or how much data I review, I truly feel that I will need to rely very heavily on my team and my client to complete the puzzle. The client is the one with the vision, they work on the frontlines, they know who their target audience is, not based on statistics, but based upon personal relationships they have developed with them.

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How to Remain Organized When Working on Large-Scale Design Projects

If you had the opportunity to ask any one of my peers, “what was the last spontaneous thing that Bridget did?” you’d most likely be greeted with silence and dumbfounded stares. I don’t exactly “do” spontaneous. I am a planner: it’s who I am, who I’ve always been, and probably who I’ll always be. While this may not make for the most thrilling spring breaks or hair-raising weekend adventures, it does make for a very stable, well-executed design process.

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