The Importance of Database Analysis before an Ecommerce System Migration

Marketing and consultation firms face a dilemma when talking to prospects that are planning an ecommerce migration. Unfortunately, prospects are all too eager to migrate but do not understand the importance of a thorough database analysis prior to migration. Database analysis is fundamental to the successful migration of your ecommerce site because the current system you’re using might have a database that is not organized to migrate.

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Minimum Quantity Ordering with Set Increments

Depending what business you’re in, you may require minimum and/or maximum quantities on the products people purchase from you. Let’s say you sell business cards and require a minimum bulk purchase of 100 cards. While most people will understand that this means they can’t order 50 cards, they believe that they can still order 150 cards, or while it sounds nonsensical, even 105 cards. However, a minimum requirement may mean that you only sell your cards in increments of 100 (100 cards, 200, 300, and so on).

So that customer who wants to order 150 business cards would have to order 200 to satisfy your minimum requirement. The shopping cart of any major ecommerce platform would simply send a message saying that their quantity did not meet the requirements and the customer would have to go back and fix their order. This could become a deterrent that stops them from completing their order, which means you’ve lost a sale and have an abandoned cart to handle.

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Automated Product, Customer and Order Migration and Integration into Volusion

The custom programming we’ve done for Volusion customers over the last few years has earned us the title of Expert Developers from Volusion. We couldn’t be more honored, yet we’re not ready to rest our laurels on our past achievements and so continue to earn our title by continuing to develop custom solutions to problems that Volusion would say are impossible to remedy. As a Volusion customer or developer, there are certain rules and guidelines you must respect when importing products into your store. For example, all products in your inventory must have a product code, a description, a weight, an image, etc. assigned to them. While this creates structure and order, it can create certain issues and challenges towards getting all that you need using the Volusion platform.

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How to Create a PDF from HTML and URLs: SOAP PHP Web Service PDF Converter

Creating a .pdf file from HTML can be difficult and time consuming. There aren’t many reliable resources that can teach you how. However, your struggles are over now that programmers at Optimum7 have recently created a web service called the PDFCreator. The PDFCreator is a SOAP PHP Web Service that allows you to create a .pdf from HTML or a URL, which means automatic and recurring updates in .pdf format if and when you need them.

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Dealing with a Web Virus on WordPress

In the online world, a virus is used to negatively affect the people who own or view a website. Whether or not you own a website, it is possible for your personal information to be stolen when the site is infected. However, protecting yourself from viruses doesn’t require a Ph.D., nor do you have to be a developer or designer to do it. Informing yourself and having just adequate internet surfing skills is enough to allow you to identify them and keep your information safe.
What is a virus?
A virus is nothing more than a program written by a developer with bad intentions. Usually viruses are created to steal data stored on your computer. Some viruses target credit card information, others saved passwords. Sometimes a virus is implemented on a computer to turn into what we call a “zombie computer,” which the creator will use to attack other people’s servers and take them down.

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Top Reasons Why Software Projects Fail and How to Avoid Them

Now that’s an incredibly high number. However, the reasons that many software development projects fail might not be as obvious as you think. So let’s explore some of the major factors that lead to failure.
Management May Push Timing
It’s no secret that management wants deliverables ready as soon as possible, especially if it’s for a client. More often than not, management will implement a timing schedule to ensure that major project milestones are completed within a certain period of time so that the project may be delivered to the client on the date promised in the deliverables.

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A Less CSS Tutorial – How to Take Advantage of Advanced Less CSS Capabilities

Sometimes less really is more. When it comes to Less CSS, this is especially true. While it has more functionality than classic CSS, Less CSS has a more elegant syntax. Less CSS is an improvement over classic CSS syntax. It is not a technology supported by browsers, but can certainly be used with any kind of website. It has tools and libraries that can be converted into actual CSS, which browsers do understand, but Less CSS reduces the redundancy of standard CSS, replacing it with shiny, elegant syntax.

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Server Attacks: Prevention, Protection and Survival for Your Online Business

If you’re the owner of an online business, you’re fully aware of the unique problems that can, and often do, arise as a result of being so closely tied to the Internet. Let’s face it. You are vulnerable. If you’re an online business that’s on the rise, it’s also likely that you will attract some unwanted attention from jealous competitors who are operating in low form. Such low form that they will do anything to completely wipe you off the map. This even includes attacking your server! Throughout this article, I will explain two different kinds of server attacks, how they happen, how to prevent them and stay fully protected, and other essentials for the survival of your online business.

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