Tips for Design Students: What I Wish I’d Known During my College Career

As many students near the close of the school year, I find myself reflecting upon my time spent in college. It really wasn’t that long ago that I juggled work, extracurricular activities, school, and family but looking back, it all seems like a faraway blur. Projects and deadlines that seemed impossible to complete on time, outrageously priced textbooks and equipment, and time searching for that elusive student parking space all seem to fade further into the past with each passing day.

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How to Kick Start Your Facebook Business Page Engagement

Is your business’s Facebook page suffering from lack of engagement? Thanks to Facebook EdgeRank, businesses are reporting that at most, only 10% of their audience is seeing their updates (Forbes). And with the new Facebook newsfeed coming out, that percentage may be less since users can opt to see a stream of their friends’ updates only, leaving updates from pages they follow in the dust.

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Tips for Designing Landing Pages that Convert

This week, I had the opportunity to work on a few landing pages for one of our newest clients. As always, I started with a bit of research to see what types of trends designers are following in regards to PPC. Now that I’ve finished my research, and completed the set up for the pages, I thought I’d share some of my findings in my article this week.

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Dealing with a Web Virus on WordPress

In the online world, a virus is used to negatively affect the people who own or view a website. Whether or not you own a website, it is possible for your personal information to be stolen when the site is infected. However, protecting yourself from viruses doesn’t require a Ph.D., nor do you have to be a developer or designer to do it. Informing yourself and having just adequate internet surfing skills is enough to allow you to identify them and keep your information safe.
What is a virus?
A virus is nothing more than a program written by a developer with bad intentions. Usually viruses are created to steal data stored on your computer. Some viruses target credit card information, others saved passwords. Sometimes a virus is implemented on a computer to turn into what we call a “zombie computer,” which the creator will use to attack other people’s servers and take them down.

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Top Reasons Why Software Projects Fail and How to Avoid Them

Now that’s an incredibly high number. However, the reasons that many software development projects fail might not be as obvious as you think. So let’s explore some of the major factors that lead to failure.
Management May Push Timing
It’s no secret that management wants deliverables ready as soon as possible, especially if it’s for a client. More often than not, management will implement a timing schedule to ensure that major project milestones are completed within a certain period of time so that the project may be delivered to the client on the date promised in the deliverables.

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