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10 Web App Development Ideas for B2B and eCommerce


Starting a new project can be really challenging, especially if you don’t have any innovative ideas.

Sometimes the hardest part is just coming up with something! So we all get stuck now and then but luckily for us there are plenty of web app ideas to get inspired by in 2021.

A successful project requires a unique web app idea that solves an existing problem while also being possible to implement, not too costly, and available in time.

With conventional app ideas, it becomes difficult for startups to meet their competitive goals. Whether it’s a web app idea or a mobile app idea, they need to think out of the box. Let’s read together through some simple web app ideas for app development!


1. What is a web application?

Web applications are an integral part of today’s technology landscape.

They can be found on any website and serve to improve a user’s experience with the site, educate them about topics they may be unfamiliar with, or provide access to information that was previously out-of-reach for some groups.

The web application is a computer-based software that runs on web servers and access by a web browser with an internet connection. It requires a webserver to manage clients’ requests, an application server to perform required tasks.

Web applications are the opposite of computer-oriented software. They can be anything from online storage space platforms to employee orientation, CRM for startups, a crime alert web app, and more!

 2. Types Of Web Applications

Web apps can be categorized by several factors. First, let’s take a look at the most common ones:

1. Static web apps

A static web app is one in which all of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript content on your website has not been changed.

This means that you can deliver this popular application type without any server-side alterations – saving time for developers!

A Static Web App connects with other parts of a service (app) providing a cohesive user experience as well so it’s easy to navigate through their site from start to finish.

2.eCommerce Applications

These apps have gained popularity in recent years.

They can be accessed in the form of a shop or store and require an online payment method to function properly, which is perfect for those who prefer shopping from their phone rather than visiting websites anymore!


3. Portal web apps

A portal is a website that allows users to connect with others, find the content they are looking for, and provides access to multiple sources.

Some great examples of this would be banking or insurance portals which blend information from various companies into one interface; intranets allow employees within an organization private network-like experience outside their departmental walls while at work (as opposed to personal ones), faculty websites provide educational resources through digital course material such as lecture notes & assignments among other things., gov/faculty, college-level student affairs initiatives).

4. Dynamic Web Applications

Dynamic web apps work with the data on your computer in real-time.

When you request information, it will be sent back to us and then react accordingly based on what response we receive from our server-side code!

One great example is Twitter’s follow button – when clicked blue goes away; however actually emitting this color change originated through sending out some kind message requesting updates about someone or something new happening that’ll maybe interest them (blue).


3. High Demand Web Apps

New technologies are constantly introduced and, with them come new web apps on the market.

But there’s one thing you can’t escape: timeless unique web app ideas that never go out of style no matter what trends exist in technology at any given moment

A lot has changed over time when it comes to how people use their mobile phones for communication or entertainment purposes; however, some concepts like messaging applications still remain incredibly popular among users across demographics all around the world.

Property rental apps

You can find whatever you’re looking for with these platforms.

Whether it’s a storage space to store all your extra stuff, the perfect vacation location, or an apartment that will be yours soon enough. They offer everything and make buying property easy as pie!

On-demand web applications

On-demand web applications are a great way to improve the connections between people and different types of businesses. Taxi booking apps, food delivery services, and grocery delivery all have potential in this digital era!

A few companies could benefit from these on-demand websites that save users time by providing them with what they need quickly.

Job recruitment web apps

Job recruitment is one of many unique web app ideas.

Developing such an app that will help employers fulfill such a requirement can be suitable for desktops than mobile devices.

You can search for any job on the internet, so why not use these web apps that will help you?

There are professional social media like Linkedin and fully-fledged recruitment platforms for professionals or companies looking to hire employees from Magento experts all the way down to app developers specializing in different fields such as Laravel development.

A developer who specializes in mobile apps may be necessary if one wants an operation running smoothly.

News platforms

Creating a news platform is a great web app idea The world is changing fast, but it can be hard to stay on top of all that’s happening.

Luckily there are web apps like this one!

It brings the facts you’re interested in right into your fingertips so they’re just a tap away at any time day or night.

4. Some Popular Web App Ideas

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then I highly recommend that you also take a look at these web app ideas as well.

AI Chatbots

Artificial intelligence chatbots are one of the most innovative web app ideas. They are designed to be able to serve users 24/7, answering customer questions related to the products and services they need with the power of machine learning.

Chatbots improve your company’s service by reducing repetitive tasks that would otherwise have been handled manually while also providing better quality control when compared with humans.

At first glance, this may seem like a threat but in reality, it can actually increase productivity allowing you more time for other important work

Progressive Web Apps

A PWA is not an app per se, but it offers a similar experience to that of downloading and installing them.

For example, you may have noticed when opening certain websites in your browser “Add To Home Screen” notifications for music or task management platforms like Youtube Music.


Blockchain technology is a powerful way to store and protect data.

It uses cryptography, which means that all the information in the blockchain has been encrypted with complex mathematical algorithms for protection purposes.

Furthermore, this process doesn’t rely on any third-party medium like banks or other trusted entities.

Because it operates internally among participants of different nodes within an interconnected network whose purpose is to record every transaction made during its lifetime onto new blocks time after time.

5. Some Good Website Ideas

A web application is a tool that can help automate something.

A website, however simple it may be, still gives your business an online presence and should always remain updated with fresh content for any potential client or customer base you have acquired through other forms of advertising like social media platforms such as Facebook Ads which has over 2 billion active users every day!

If you’re struggling to find website ideas, here are some ideas to inspire you:

eCommerce websites

There are plenty of ways you can make money on the internet if your specialty is eCommerce.

A niche and unique brand identity will keep customers coming back for more, so don’t forget about this aspect when launching an online shop!

Building a successful eCommerce store is entirely possible for anyone with the will and know-how.

You can always start small by building your inventory slowly, then scaling up when you have enough customers!

Motion UI

Motion UI is an interface for web designers that aims to offer a minimalistic approach and appealing interfaces, while also keeping away the use of flash content. It can get irritating for end-users since it’s useless!

Voice Search

With more people turning to voice search, your website could be missing out on a lot of new opportunities.

With the help of companies that offer better products because they include a voice function, it’s worth considering if you want an enhanced user experience and higher levels of engagement from potential customers!


6. Best Web Application Development Languages


1. PHP

In 2021, PHP is the most popular language for web application development. It features dynamic and server-side scripting. Which makes it the perfect choice to create fully-functional services with all the advantages. In fact, WordPress is one such example. It has been downloaded onto millions around the world since its first release back in 2003. With its built-in tools and modules, it is the perfect language for static or dynamic websites. The web app development framework libraries provide developers with automation to complete tasks quicker! According to W3techs, PHP is the most popular server-side programming language with giants like Wikipedia and Facebook.



Java is an excellent choice for website development. The language enables scalability, with vertical and horizontal scaling capabilities. This helps you to spend less time on invasive coding when improving your site’s performance. With full-stack Java web app developers out there who can do everything from design through implementation. Developing websites becomes even easier than ever before! It has some excellent frameworks for web app development. Including Spring, Hibernate, Play, GWT, JSF. Moreover, it can build complex web apps with high performance.


3. Python

No other language has grasped the popularity of Python among web application developers. It’s one of many preferred languages, and its consistent rise continues to grow in this community too! The popularity of Python as a first choice for beginners is undeniable. It saves developers a lot of time. The latest technologies make it ideal for custom web application development. Which any website firm would prefer to have executed in their projects. Like JavaScript, Python also enjoys vast community support with web app development frameworks, libraries, and tools. All these aid rapid web application development.


4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a text-based programming language. It can be used on both client and server sides, making web pages interactive. The code in JavaScript is simple, flexible, and easy to write. You even have the opportunity to use it inside scripts written in other languages like C/C++ or Python. So there’s no limit to your creativity with these tools. The versatility and strength of JavaScript is a lifesaver. It can run on browsers and servers using NodeJS and available frameworks and libraries for web app development.


5. Ruby

Ruby is a dynamic programming language with open-source, fast, and secure features. This makes it ideal for social networking apps and eCommerce. Furthermore, since it is mature, it offers stability & convenience in Ruby on Rail development services which can be a great way to start up your app or business venture! There’s a lot of momentum behind Ruby. It has been proven to help increase productivity and speed up the process for delivering MVPs or startup apps. Also, its framework Ruby on Rails is a big hit in the server-side web development industry.


7. How Much Does a Custom Web App Development Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much it would cost to develop your own web application. Well-priced projects start at $24,000 but can go up to 500k for more complex and feature-rich tools with greater functionality such as data storage or analytics capabilities.

-A simple web app

Landing pages are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your product.

These simple, static webpages typically have a minimum number of features and offer minimal interaction for customers on them – making it possible in relatively little time with low costs associated!

You can get started from $24k up into the six figures if you want that level of production value though so be careful what kind of new site design services suits bests your business needs before committing as there’s nothing worse than investing all this money into something only getting less attention over time.

-A medium complexity app

A more interactive and comprehensive site is required for companies of any size. It can take up to four months, costing anywhere between $40K-$90K.

-A complex web app

An app like this can really take your company to the next level.

These applications include an exclusive content management system, plenty of unique features, and complex databases which help them stand apart from other similar products on offer today in this market segment.

Development time will be about half a year so they’re not too quick but also affordable with prices ranging between $200 – 500k depending upon requirements (which we’d recommend you get before starting work, as well as keeping track of everything with SOW software).

Optimum7 developers have planned and built web applications in eCommerce, e-learning, Finance, 3PL, Marketplaces, Finance, Healthcare, Amazon, B2B, Online Meal Delivery, and more.

Optimum7 is a Web App Development company with over 15 years of experience. We are especially experienced in custom system integrations with multiple platforms and middleware to connect these different platforms.

Not all web apps can be included in these categories.

Each app is unique and has different requirements for development, so the price depends on how many developers we assign as well as the amount of time they need to finish your product–and that varies from project to project!

Learn More About Custom App Development

7. What is the best way to develop web applications?

A lot of people feel that they can’t develop their own application and outsourcing is actually the best option.

With so many software development companies in this field, you are guaranteed to find someone with experience in what your project needs.

There are 5 steps that any professional company would take:

– Research and shape your web app project ideas

– UX/UI design of the app

– Developing the app

– App testing and deployment

– Full-Time Support and maintenance

With the right structure and planning of your cool web app ideas, have no doubt that you will have a successful web application.


8. Hottest Web App IdeasTo Inspire You In 2021

Some of the user-friendly brilliant web app ideas are described below.
You can pick from anyone that interests you to turn it into reality!

Startup Club Web App

This Startup club web app idea might make you think of LinkedIn.

Although it is a general platform used by professionals, freelancers, businesses, and CEOs alike; here we are talking about the superior version focused on entrepreneurs – investors who want to build their own teams from scratch!

YouTube Radio

YouTube is a fantastic source of entertainment, information, and tutorials.

It also provides access to anything you might need – but there’s so much content on it!

Youtube Radio would filter them with an algorithm for YouTube users could filter through all the videos available with ease while assisting those who are searching in their desired subject areas faster than before because they know exactly where that specific video can be found at lightning speed without having zigzags across different pages to only yield frustrating results when trying desperately just find something related or relevant enough.

Social Platforms for Hobbyists

It’s been a while since you’ve invested some time in your hobbies, right? A social platform dedicated to hobbies can motivate and inspire people.

You’ll be able to connect with those who share similar interests; exchanging tips or tricks when it comes down to how they do something better than anyone else!

The CEO Dashboard App

CEO Dashboard Web App is one of the best web application ideas that will be in demand in 2021.

Every company’s CEO in the B2B field keeps an eye on the latest B2B marketing trends and tactics.

When we collect more and more data, it can be challenging to analyze all the information in a single place.

And that’s where dashboards come into play: they process your numbers for you so that every last detail is accounted for!

A great way these days, as an example of marketing trends–making informed decisions based on this info will help run better campaigns with higher ROI rates than ever before.

Crime Alert Web Application

Crime alert web app is an excellent web app idea when it comes to creating a family web app.

A new mobile app could help law enforcement in their investigations by letting users post information about crimes happening around them with this alert web app.

The alert would not only raise awareness, but it’s possible this type of user-friendly social networking platform might even be able to identify potential suspects or locations where a crime has happened before any physical evidence was found at the scene!

Tailored Treatment Recommendations

A new AI-powered mobile app platform could provide personalized treatment advice for common minor diseases, like the common cold.

The system is made possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning that utilizes big data to interpret symptoms and recommend specific courses of action.

This should not replace your doctor’s visits but rather offer faster diagnosis so you are kept informed while at home reading an interesting article online about something else entirely!

Dating Web Application

Mobile app competition is very fierce as many Tinder-like dating apps are used by users. A dating web app project can be the easiest way to solve that situation.

For each trait and behavior is used the same algorithms as for each trait.

It could offer a stable set of paying customers if you have a strong campaign of positive marketing to back it up.

It can provide you with a stable customer, provided you have a well-planned and supporting advertisement campaign to back up the appearance of your dating app with a well-made campaign supporting the app’s success.

9. Web App Project Ideas To Make Money

In the world of web development, it’s not enough to just have the best web app ideas.

Technology has changed so much in recent years that creating a functioning product is difficult and time-consuming–especially when you’re trying your best at building up momentum for success!

You need more than good ideas though; if they don’t come with practicality or sustainability then there’ll be no one willing to pay for them anyway.

What can help to find a profitable web app idea? Partnering up early on with reputable software companies who offer complete service from the beginning (design) through the maintenance phase may save loads of heartache later down the road.


After you’ve developed an app to solve a common problem and partnered up with the right company, it is time for research.

You can use social media as well as other channels in order to get in touch with your potential customers so that they tell us what features would make their lives easier!

Once we have some information about them, developing something called MVP ( minimal viable product ) which stands for “Minimum Viable Product” allows us to validate learnings from this stage onwards before committing full efforts into development by seeing if people are willing to purchase such products at all.

10. What’s The Reason Behind The Failure Of a Web App

Your app’s performance depends on a number of factors.

If you want the best chance for success, there are many things that need to be done before going through with an idea in pre-launch research and developing product features based on what will make it successful as well as how much people love using them which can also depend on competition level among other things like luck or just being lucky enough at some points during production stages where something goes wrong but not always.


Today, there are so many different web app ideas to choose from. Whether if it is the best web app or the worst you need ideas to make money with it, how do you market it, etc? You can launch your own web app by contacting us to get more information related to this topic. The world is filled with endless innovative web app ideas, take a look at them all!

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