VTEX Development Company and Partner

VTEX is considered a true cloud platform that manages thousands of eCommerce stores helping them generate billions of dollars in online sales. This robust platform brings an increased efficiency to your business to help grow your business into other industries. It is the only multi-tenant eCommerce software that has an auto-scaling cloud infrastructure. VTEX is trusted by well-known companies like Disney, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Red Bull, Calvin Klein and more to provide the right solution for their eCommerce needs. With VTEX, you will have the opportunity to effortlessly manage the frontend of your digital commerce operation with ease. This platform will also make your website responsive so that it has a user-friendly interface on tablets, desktop, and mobile devices. Optimum7 is a Premier VTEX Partner and offers VTEX Development and Design services.

Track Sales and Inventory on a VTEX Store Platform

Even if you have over 1,000 products, VTEX’s platform is set up for you to manage your entire inventory in one place creating ease of management. Provide the best delivery options for your customers by managing carriers, warehouses, and inventory all through VTEX. Track all of your online orders to audit what stage in the checkout and logistic process it stands.

VTEX Improves the Buyer’s Shopping Experience

This state-of-the-art robust platform is tailored for online store owners to easily create an attractive and scalable storefront that will enhance the shopper’s experience. Manage your digital commerce store to recommend products to customers that are related to the items they’re shopping for. This functionality can also be implemented during the checkout process as a last-minute upsell.

VTEX Clients Can Streamline Business Operations

Customize your VTEX digital commerce platform to specifically meet the needs of your company’s internal operations. By optimizing your eCommerce site with tailored functionalities, the efficiency of your entire operations will increase resulting in a boost in online sales and revenue.

VTEX Partner and Developer

Optimum7 has years of combined experience on the VTEX Platform including but not limited to e-commerce functionality, design, development and setup. We have worked with Fortune 500 Companies in Latin America that are on the VTEX System. Contact us today to see what we can do for you on VTEX.

VTEX Platform Benefits:

  • Highest Level of PCI Complience
  • Multi-Store, Multi-Language, and Multi-Currency
  • Powerful API
  • Best Checkout For Conversions
  • Ultimate Scalability


Optimum7 has over 600 functionalities at that you can customize with VTEX’s platform. View them all on our Custom Programming section.



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