Internet technology is evolving constantly and so rapidly that any out-of-the-box hosting solution you use will be unable to meet your needs within 6–12 months. And rather than waiting for your platform to develop and launch the functionality you need today (if they do it all), you can take advantage of our custom programming services and get it a whole lot sooner and have it uniquely tailored to your business.

What is Custom Programming?

Because custom programming can be so many different things depending on your needs, its definition can get a little hazy. Essentially, it’s any customized web-based process or functionality that helps you run your business more efficiently and/or increases your profitability.

The objective of all web-based custom programming is to improve business results including topline growth (sales) through increased conversion rates and bottom-line growth through savings in labor, shipping, and productivity enhancements such as an integration of your central business systems and your web-based business assets like your eCommerce website, for example.

The best way to show you what we can do is with a few examples of the custom-programming solutions we provide.

Enhancing Functionality on an Existing System

If you’re using an existing web-based or server-based CRM, CMS or eCommerce platform, you may have decided that it no longer addresses your business or operational needs on its own. If you need a specific functionality added to your system that it currently doesn’t offer, we can develop and implement it for you.

New Technology with a Complete Strategy and Set of Functionalities

In the next 5 years, a staggering number of companies will need to rebuild their CRMs, content management systems, and internal inventory and accounting platforms because they will not evolve quickly enough to continue meeting the companies’ needs. Many will need to have a completely custom system built because out-of-the-box software or an integration simply won’t work.

Integrations That Fulfill Business Objectives

If you’re using an eCommerce platform like Volusion, Shopify, or BigCommerce, you may just need an integration that simplifies your marketing, accounting, or fulfillment processes. We’ve done integrations through XML, API, and similar connections that allow you to transfer data or convert it into a different format so it can be picked up by another system (such as QuickBooks, ShipWorks, or Amazon Seller).

Start-Up Ideas

Maybe you have an ingenious idea but lack the technical knowledge you need to build a business model and market it. We can help you create a workflow that allows you to monetize your idea, fulfill orders, and provide customer services. We can also help you create the actual system, nail down the functionality you’ll need, and ensure that the whole thing is scalable so it will grow with your business.

Functionalities That Enhance Scalability and Business Process

If your business process is poised for growth but technology is limiting your progress, we can help you resolve whatever technical issues you’re having, reestablish your online infrastructure, and give you a strong foundation to grow on. You can see some of our custom programming projects here.

Why Are Custom Programming Services Important for Your Business Processes?

Do you have a static website? Is your business ever-changing and improving? You need to create an online presence as dynamic as the company itself. This is made possible with custom programming, which allows us to deliver flexible web applications that are tailored for individual companies’ unique needs. Whether it’s replacing outdated software or creating something new entirely, we can help throughout every step of the process!

Software solutions available on the internet today are generally made for a variety of users with various needs. This makes it difficult to find one that is completely suited for your business’s requirements, as many developers don’t know who you are and what type of user experience you require.

In order to avoid this problem, they make their software too complicated by adding multiple features that aren’t necessary or useful in certain circumstances; these changes can be confusing and slow down the performance and development process significantly from its standard speed.

Cookie-cutter application customization is not a real solution. A prefabricated system will never have all of your specific business needs met, and it could lead to a competitive disadvantage for you in the market when customers realize there is something better out there that they can access if they look around just a little bit more.

Custom programming services mean our programmers work with you one-on-one from start to finish so we know exactly what kind of product development, product management, and services works best for your business!

Your Custom Programming Partner Optimum7

We’ve had a lot of experience with custom programming. It’s one of the core values that make us who we are as a development team – we look at every client and their needs individually, realizing you have specific goals and objectives to accomplish.

Make your website run smoothly and give each of your customers a premium experience with custom programming. We get to know you, learn about what makes you unique as a business or brand, so that we can infuse every element of your online presence with it.

We want to make sure that when people visit one of our clients’ websites they have an exceptional user experience from the moment they land on the homepage all the way through their interactions across multiple pages within your eCommerce website.

With years of experience and expertise, Optimum7 is the best resource for your custom project. We have an extensive understanding of search engine optimization to improve traffic on your site while customizing it with our unique design capabilities; this allows us to better generate leads that convert into sales.

FAQ - Custom Programming

Custom development takes a unique approach to software creation. It either creates entirely new business applications or enhances the functionality of existing software. Custom programming is built from scratch with specific requirements in mind and cannot be found anywhere else on the market—this means that you will not find this type of technology packaged into readily available commercial off-the-shelf packages nor open source technologies.

In the custom development process, several stages are required to complete a product. One starts with Planning and Analysis followed by Design, Development, Testing, and then Maintenance/Support.

You can create a more efficient functionality or application with custom programming languages. A developer is able to adapt and adjust the app or functionality according to your needs, making it better over time as you work together on improvements.

Rather than purchase unnecessary enterprise applications and pay for licenses, custom programming is more cost-efficient. This will save you time in the long run since it’s tailored to your specific needs with no extra add-ons or features that are not necessary.

You can increase your team’s productivity by using a custom solution designed to meet their needs. This will make them more confident and help them complete tasks faster, with greater accuracy.

There are 5 types of custom programming and these are web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, big data applications, and real-time applications. The custom web application works great in all browsers and delivers a fantastic user experience with an intuitive layout. If you can not decide what type of custom software development you need, you can request a free consultation.

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