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Optimum7 is a trusted OpenCart partner. With more than 15 years of experience providing eCommerce solutions, our team has designed and built hundreds of custom functionalities for online stores.

As an OpenCart expert company, we have the capability and capacity to develop any custom feature or function for your OpenCart website. 

We specialize in improving the user experience of eCommerce stores while simultaneously increasing revenue, conversions, and online visibility. Our expert developers ensure that your site runs at peak performance by streamlining the backend functionality. 

If you have a vision for your eCommerce website, the Optimum7 designers and developers can turn that vision into a reality. 

Over 500+ Custom Solutions Built

Don’t rely on cookie-cutter add-ons used by other websites. Our developers have built hundreds of custom OpenCart functionalities that increase conversions, streamline backend functions, and improve the customer experience. Let us build a custom solution for your OpenCart shop.








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Custom Development for
OpenCart Stores

Optimum7 has built and customized OpenCart functions for large and small websites across all industries. We’ve worked with startups, small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, and everything in between. 

On average, we drive 50% more traffic to client websites. Our custom OpenCart solutions are designed to improve the navigation and functionality of your website, which will ultimately yield higher conversion rates. 

Our OpenCart Development Services

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions will make or break the success of an eCommerce store. As an OpenCart partner, our expert SEO team can analyze your traffic to determine what is causing visitors to leave your site without converting. In addition to improving your SERP rankings, we’ll also optimize your landing pages to maximize conversions. This two-pronged approach ensures that your OpenCart site will perform at a high level. As a result, your OpenCart shop will benefit from increased revenue. 

Store Design & Customization

Your OpenCart website design needs to be modern, attractive, and trustworthy. Consumers today will not buy from online stores that are cookie-cutter and dry. Our expert design team will create a professional OpenCart website that appeals to your visitors. We’ll build custom design elements that will make your eCommerce store stand out from your competition. Our team will make sure that your online store looks and performs well on both mobile and desktop devices.

Payment Gateways & App Integration

Get paid the way you want. The expert developers at Optimum7 can integrate any third-party payment gateway or app into your OpenCart website. Adding new payment gateways to your website can boost conversions. Failing to accept preferred payment methods is a top reason for shopping cart abandonment. Let the professionals at Optimum7 help you reach all of your customers by integrating new payment gateways to your site. 


Do you want to migrate your current online store to OpenCart? Optimum7 specializes in eCommerce migrations. Doing this on your own is risky. It can cause authority drops and 404 errors, which can be detrimental to your SEO strategy. We have migrated hundreds of eCommerce sites to OpenCart, so we know what it takes to have a smooth transition. We’ll migrate your website to OpenCart without damaging your SERP rankings.

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Our Shopify Development Process

Strategy & Analysis

We start with analyzing your business and creating a plan that makes sense for your needs and budget.


We’ll set up an execution schedule for your development project to ensure it is done as efficiently as possible.


Within your branding guidelines, we’ll start delivering testable mockups to ensure w’ere on the right track.


Our designers and developers provide on going support to ensure your project is built to your vision.

Why Choose OpenCart?

OpenCart is a well-known and reliable eCommerce platform. It’s extremely user-friendly, making it a top option for eCommerce store owners who don’t have lots of experience or technical capabilities. 

Free to Use

OpenCart is free and open source, which is unique compared to other eCommerce platforms that charge a monthly fee. You’ll only pay for add-ons to customize your store. Although it’s worth noting that many of the add-ons are affordable and some are free as well. 

Simple Management

The intuitive admin dashboard provided by OpenCart makes it easy for you to manage all aspects of your eCommerce store. You’ll have an overview of the most important information related to your site, like sales, orders, traffic, customers, and other crucial analytics.

Multi-Store Capabilities

OpenCart is a top solution for those of you who own multiple eCommerce stores or plan to launch more stores in the future. This platform makes it easy for you to manage all of your stores from the same admin interface. You’ll be able to choose products, edit settings, set your pricing, and change the themes for each store in one place. 

OpenCart: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Affordable pricing (free to download and own)
  • Lots of themes built-in
  • Helpful customer service
  • Plenty of available integrations


  • Lacks basic customization features
  • Not the fastest eCommerce platform
  • You are responsible for all hosting, development, and maintenance
  • Doesn’t come with built-in marketing capabilities
  • Not SEO-ready out of the box (custom changes are required)

FAQ - Shopify

OpenCart is a great eCommerce platform for people that want to install software on their own. It’s easy to use and a good choice for getting started in the eCommerce space.

OpenCart is 100% free to download. It’s open-source and free for anyone to use and upgrade. There are no monthly, annual, or hidden costs of using OpenCart for eCommerce.

While the base cost of owning an OpenCart store is free, you’ll pay for any add-ons to customize your store. Some add-ons are free and others cost $20-$40. Some premium add-ons can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars

Since OpenCart is self-managed, you’ll also be responsible for all of the costs associated with hosting, managing, and maintaining your eCommerce site. 

OpenCart is an eCommerce CMS (content management system). OpenCart runs on PHP and MySQL database management systems, which is definitely an advantage. These database management systems are safe and stable; both are crucial for eCommerce websites.

PHP and MySQL are also developer-friendly. So it’s a great option for adding customized solutions to your eCommerce shop. 

One of the benefits of using OpenCart is that it supports SEO-friendly URLs. Although these are not enabled by default. But once you are able to enable and configure these URLs, it will improve your ranking in SERPs.

If you don’t have experience with this, it’s in your best interest to consult with an eCommerce SEO specialist before you make any changes to your URL settings. The SEO experts at Optimum7 can guide you through this process. 

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