3 PPC Tips for Business Aviation to Generate Leads

Whenever you are marketing a business in the aviation or aerospace sector online, increasing brand visibility and generating qualified traffic to your site is always a challenge. Advertising on some of the World’s most popular websites, such as Google and Facebook, allow these businesses to reach their target audience with advanced targeting and drive more users to your website.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising presents a unique opportunity for the business aviation industry. Unlike other digital strategies which can take months to start seeing a positive ROI, PPC allows you to have your business visible online right away. PPC campaigns are flexible within your budget and can be paused at anytime, making it a profitable strategy for any company from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Anyone can create a PPC campaign, however, creating a PPC campaign that has a profitable bidding strategy and converts clicks into customers at a high rate is a complex undertaking that many businesses seek professional help for.

What Marketing Challenges Do Businesses Aviation Brands Face?

Business aviation brands work in an industry that presents a unique challenge when marketing online. Some of the difficulties they face include:

  • Marketing materials aimed at other businesses (B2B vs. B2C material)
  • Defining a target audience and generating qualified leads
  • “Industry Lag” when it comes to adopting digital practices
  • Knowing how to approach the next generation of consumers

Our digital marketing expertise has helped companies in the business aviation sector generate more leads and get more flyers on board through a full selection of strategies, including PPC marketing. Marketing luxury services such as private aviation requires a distinct blend of technical strategies and creative messaging to optimize their PPC strategies.


3 Types of PPC Ads

1. Search Advertisements

Search advertisements are the first few results that pop up when you type a service such as “aviation for businesses” or a similar term into a search bar. One of the most important elements of PPC advertising is knowing which phrases are common to use, or worth targeting when writing your copy.

2. Display Ads

These are advertisements that appear on websites that relate to the key terms you choose to target. These ads include text, images and video/audio. You want to target topics such as classic aviation, business resorts, hotels and getaways, and similar related topics.

3. Social Media Ads

When you are scanning down social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you will see promoted feeds whether or not you happen to follow them. These promotions can get business aviation clients exposure, engagement, comments, shares, and leads. They help build a brand that leads to more flyers.

How To Get More Leads Through PPC For The Business Aviation Industry

PPC is driven by both data and creativity. Building an effective PPC campaign starts with knowing what terms people who need business aviation are writing when they search for the subject. Data and analytics tools are used to determine this specific to your brand, but here are some casual examples of what that research might reveal people want to know:

  • Cost of business aviation
  • How do I charter a private plane for a business meeting?
  • How do I know when to fly private instead of commercial?
  • Can I afford to fly private for business?
  • Best amenities for private business flying

…and so on. Once you know what terms are searched for often, you can design your PPC ads to answer them. After that, there are many strategies you can use to optimize your marketing strategy.

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4 PPC Tips for Business Aviation

1. A/B Test Your Ads

A/B testing is one of the best strategies business aviation brands can use to optimize their PPC strategies. You can test different elements of the ad to see which one gets the desired results.
You can adjust:

  • Headline Copy
    This is one of the most important aspects of your ad because it is so visible. You can run two groups of ads, each one under a different headline, and review your data to see which one got a better result.
  • Body Text
    Body text is particularly important when you are marketing to other business people, who like to make sure they are getting a great deal, and making a good decision.
  • Landing Pages
    The consumer’s journey only begins with the advertisement. After that, you have to choose the best place to send them when they click on the ad. You can A/B test the results of different landing pages as well.

2. Choose the Right Bidding Strategy For Your Business Aviation Advertisements

Depending on what your marketing goal is, your business aviation brand will need different bidding strategies. You can focus your strategies on conversions, or relevant actions such as signing up for mailing lists. You can focus on impressions, which can be an effective measure of brand visibility and relevance. If you have a really effective landing page, clicks are incredibly valuable, and you can gear your efforts towards only paying for clicks, and getting as many possible.

3. Optimize Mobile Ads For Business Aviation Advertising

Data shows that mobile traffic is increasing all the time, and more and more consumers are comfortable with making big decisions on mobile devices. Even if you don’t make any mobile sales, you should optimize for this platform because you can gather important consumer data and conversions such as contact information.

4. Use Remarketing To Find More Private Flyers For Your Business Aviation Brand

Remarketing is an online strategy in which you show your PPC ads on mobile devices to people who visited your desktop website. This refreshes your brand in your consumers mind, and gives them a new way to interact with you.

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