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Our client is a boat dealer based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They specialize in leisure boat and small yacht sales. They first became a client of Optimum7 in 2008, after experiencing subpar online lead generation and sales.


The challenge our client faced was simple: they wanted to increase their online visibility in order to generate more leads. Therefore, our client needed to rank more highly on search engine result pages for related searches. We had to focus on helping our client rank for niche keywords, knowing broader keywords might be too competitive to rank for. We also needed to build our client’s dealer brand and get them in front of potential leads wherever they might be.

Our client had essentially zero relevant content on their website designed to bring in organic traffic. Analytics data showed this stark trend just prior to 2008 and into early 2010. Our client also lacked visibility online in terms of branding, press releases and local directory listings.

The stagnant growth below is typical of a business website without a solid content strategy and digital marketing efforts.

A multifaceted approach was devised to combat our client’s lackluster online lead generation.


We used multiple approaches in order to combat our client’s problem with poor online visibility and lead generation:

  • Content marketing
  • PPC
  • Outreach/backlinking
  • Press releases
  • Local directory listings
  • New responsive site and design
  • Creative ideas

A content strategy is critical for any brand trying to increase their organic traffic. Higher organic traffic directly translates into greater conversions. We identified our client’s industry niche: new and used leisure boat and small yacht sales and service. We then created content to boost their rankings for keywords related to their niche and therefore traffic.

A pay-per-click (PPC) strategy was devised to get our client in front of potential leads.

Outreach in the way of direct personal contact with bloggers and other webmaster’s to gain backlinks was conducted.

Press releases were published on PRWeb to increase search engine visibility and encourage potential 3rd party syndication.

Certain press releases were responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new clients simply by increasing our client’s publicity.

Local directory listings were created and optimized on popular listing sites such as Google Plus, Yelp! and the Yellow Pages to enhance local exposure.

A website redesign was conducted in order to transfer the majority of the website to a more search engine friendly platform.

WordPress was utilized as the primary platform for web content due to it being the only content management system recognized and approved by Google.

Creative ideas were also devised to generate traffic and build high authority backlinks. One strategy was the creation of a client-branded scholarship to seek highly coveted .edu backlinks.

Another creative strategy involved the creation of a fictional concept product complete with 3D renders, a video, and mobile app design to be distributed online in order to generate buzz in the blogosphere, gain backlinks, and increase traffic.


A couple of months after implementing our initial content strategy, we began to see an exponential increase in the number of daily sessions on our client’s website.

The number of online leads received would then go on to increase substantially. Our content strategy along with our other marketing efforts began to be implemented in early 2010.

Prior to 2010, online leads were typically under 100 per year.

In 2010, the first year when the first targeted content strategy was implemented, the number of online leads soared to over 250.


By implementing real, effective digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, pay-per-click and certain creative ideas, we were able to make a real difference for our client. The data effectively shows what we’re able to accomplish. Contact us here to get similar results for your boat dealership or call us at 866-848-6072.

You can also download our Media Kit Here.

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