Optimum7 is Awarded Expert Developer Status by Volusion

volusion-logo-300x119The full-service internet marketing company, Optimum7, is one of few businesses that were recently awarded expert developer status by Volusion due to their success working with SQL, XML, Volusion API and more to provide custom programmed solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients’ online stores.

“Optimum7 has long supported Volusion Ecommerce Software as one of the elite e-tail solutions,” says Arthur Cooper, the President and CEO of Optimum7. “While no system is absolutely perfect in every respect, Volusion provides unique advantages for Search Engine friendly infrastructure, making what we feel is the strongest onsite optimization setup available today. This, combined with customizable calls to action, pristine administrative features along with a consistently up to date system through their hosting model, makes Volusion a primary consideration for a large percentage of ecommerce solutions.”

When working with a client who was having difficulty restructuring, updating, and editing the backend of the static site that ran its online store, Optimum7 decided that Volusion would be the perfect solution. The difficulty with the migration to the new platform was that the client stood to lose the functionality of a module it had on its static site that was an important part of the shopping experience for that client’s users.

Most companies would have said that the conditional formatting required for the module was impossible to achieve on a Volusion-based website. However, programmers at Optimum7 were able to utilize technologies like jQuery and Ajax to recreate the dynamic module for Volusion.

“Clients need customization that does not necessarily come with the Volusion system, as is. Volusion, in turn, wishes for their clients, the store owners themselves, to be able to get the most out of the Volusion system,” says Cooper.

“That is where Optimum7 comes in. We create code, work with Volusion API, etc. to create customized functionality that clients may need for things like custom shipping and billing solutions, custom display options, specialized ordering arrangements and much more,” he continues. “The possibilities are endless because we offer custom programming that can integrate and work with Volusion or even as a standalone.”

Duran Inci, the COO at Optimum7 says, “There are so many different custom functionalities that can be implemented in Volusion. We recently created a Customized Monogram Option where users can upload their own designs for t-shirt orders, or preview a personalized monogram prior to getting them custom printed.” While this functionality is not available with Volusion’s core setup, Optimum7 was able to use jQuery and API to make it a reality.

“We can also integrate with any inventory system in real time using Volusion API. That means that you never have to equalize or reconcile inventory between your internal/supplier inventory system and the Volusion inventory online,” says Inci. “We could set it up so that these two different inventories are always in sync.”

“We can really make great things happen in Volusion when it comes to product display, inventory, invoicing, checkout options, monogram and swatch options, custom ordering options and more.”

Optimum 7 is a highly consultative, full service Internet Marketing company with offices in Morristown, New Jersey and Miami, Florida.

For more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Duran Inci or a member of the Optimum7 team, please call (305) 477-8960.