The Growing Importance of Logistics for eCommerce – TOP Trends in the Future of eCommerce 2022

Logistics is one of the most important aspects of your business because nothing happens in eCommerce if you can’t actually ship the product. Amazon is going nuts with third-party logistics. They’re very aggressive. Now you can ship across countries and Amazon just takes care of that.

Why is Reliable Fulfillment and Competitive Shipping Vital? In the simplest terms, if somebody purchases an item that they can’t receive, they’re going to be dissatisfied and significantly more likely to leave negative reviews. This has a variety of negative effects on your business.

Additionally, you should want to do right by your customers. If they buy something (a t-shirt or a little toy car) they want that item. It could be intended for a Christmas gift or kid’s birthday — and you really don’t want to contribute to your customers letting their friends and family down.

So logistics needs to be taken care of. You need this. It’s just one thing that basically closes the loop on all of the chain.

Invest in Your Fulfillment Chain Infrastructure. If you’re doing $10, $15, $20 million in sales, your warehouse is in Miami, and you have a large customer base in Portland, Oregon, you better get a third-party logistics team. Because nobody wants to wait four or five days for their product.

We’re all spoiled now. We’re used to getting stuff the next day.

This is why logistics is very important. Even if you are a smaller brand, even if you are not on Amazon, you have to pay attention to this and you have to make sure that you get your products to your consumers in two days. That should be your objective.

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