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How to Drop Ship Profitably in 2019

Drop shipping is a method of order fulfillment that does not require a business to have an inventory. Instead, a store sells the product and a third-party supplier ships it to the customer. Drop shipping has become an extremely popular business model in the past few years. However, with so much competition and barriers, is drop [...] Read More

3 Effective Customer Retention Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

In this week's Surge Session, we discuss customer retention strategies for e-commerce businesses. Customer retention strategies are often more profitable and easier to execute than traffic acquisition. We cover three different strategies that you can use for your own ecommerce business. Our Director of Marketing, Joseph Hassun, is joined by Marketing Specialist, Ohad Yarel. Why [...] Read More

Why Do We Need Marketing?

For anyone who runs a business of any kind, you’ll know that the true question is not whether we need marketing, but how much do we need? A store owner can have the best products available on the market, and a top notch staff, and they will still flounder financially if no one is able to find their product. Even word of mouth is a form of marketing. It’s impossible to simply put out a great product and expect to get financial rewards. As with any business, it takes money to make money. An investment in marketing is equally, if not more important than, the investments you make inventory and staff.

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5 Strategies to Generate Leads and Sales for Your Marketing Agency

5 Strategies to Generate Leads and Sales for Your Marketing Agency

In this week's Surge Session, we cover five different strategies that agencies could use to generate leads and obviously sales. Whether you’re a creative agency or b2b company, use these inbound and outbound lead generation tactics to attract qualified prospects. Our CEO, Duran Inci, is joined by our Director of Marketing, Joseph Hassun. Challenges of [...] Read More

5 Traditional Lead Generation Strategies that Work for eCommerce and Small Businesses

In this week's Surge Session, we cover traditional marketing strategies for lead generation for both eCommerce and small businesses. We discuss how traditional marketing strategies still have their place despite the rise of digital marketing and how you can use these practices to promote your eCommerce business. Our CEO, Duran Inci, is joined by our [...] Read More

FFL eCommerce – What is FFL?

In our first Surge Session, we delve into the topic of FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers) and how online gun sellers can integrate a custom functionality as a solution to some of the problems they face. We cover everything from breaking down the fundamentals of FFLs, the obstacles online gun dealers face due to the [...] Read More
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