Audience Matching Tool

Match your Audience List to Facebook's LinkedIn's Google Ads' audience template.

What does Audience Matching Tool do?

If you’ve ever tried to upload a list of email addresses to platforms like Facebook, Linked In, or Google Ads, you know it can be a real pain to match your audience list to the required template to be able to upload it.

The problem is that most CRM softwares don’t export data in a format that’s compatible with platforms like Linked In, Facebook, and Adwords’ list templates.

As a result, you spend unnecessary time manually matching your data to the correct fields.

This tool automates that process, so you can quickly and easily upload your audience list to Linked In, Facebook, and Adwords without wasting time.

As a bonus, it also helps to keep your data clean and organized.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a professional marketer, the Audience Matching Tool is a must-have in your toolbox if you export audience lists from your CRM Softwares and upload them to Facebook, Linked In, and Google Adwords.

Benefits of

Audience Matching Tool

Automates the process of matching data to fields

Essential tool used by thousands of professional marketers and business owners

Saves time by automating a boring task

Keeps your data clean and organized

How to use it?

Step 1:

First, download your Audience List from your CRM Solution.

Then select the platform you want to match your audience to.

95% of audience lists exported from CRM Solutions have headers. So if yours do too, hit “My file has headers”.

Step 2:

Then the tool will ask you to choose the corresponding fields on your audience list. After matching the right fields, your list will be immediately processed and ready to download.

Step 3:

After downloading your List from the tool, go ahead and upload it to your preferred platform by following these simple steps:

Click on “Create Audience”

Step 4:

On LinkedIn, as you can see on the left, after choosing your list type (Contact List/Company List) you can upload your list right away by clicking Agree & Upload.

On Facebook however, there are a few more steps than on LinkedIn.

As you can see on the right, you’ll have to choose your audience resource as “Customer List”.

Step 5:

In this step, you must tell Facebook if you have “customer value” on your list.

If you don’t have customer value on your list simply choose no and click next.

Step 6:

Upload the Matched Audience List you downloaded from our Audience Matching Tool and give your audience a name.

Step 7:

For the final step before uploading your list, map the unidentified columns, IF asked.

If you managed to use the Audience Matching Tool properly you should see only 1  “Action Needed” item or none at all.

After doing this, hit Import & Create, and you are all DONE!

Why Audience Template Matching is so important?

Audience mapping is important because it allows you to group, organize and segment your audience. This makes your audience list understandable even to the naked eye.
Optimum7’s audience mapping tool makes it easy to map out your audience and eliminates the chaos. With this tool, you can match you audience list to templates that you need to upload your list to popular ad platforms and sort and group them by company, name, etc. The Audience Matching tool is compatible with lists from a wide range of CRM solutions, including Hyperdrive,,, and other CRM softwares.

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