What are Blogs Good for Anyway?

What are Blogs Good for Anyway?

  Are you kidding me? Blogs are the new cave dwelling, the rock and chisel, the ink and quill, the newspaper, the new billboard, the email—blogging has become THE way we communicate to the general public. Like almost anything new and innovating, blogging wasn’t always taken seriously. For the traditional readers and trailblazers in the […]

5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post Structure

We are a marketing company. Most companies in our field will take the route of explaining how to make your page more SEO friendly, and will give tips on how to rank on Google (blah, blah, blah). That’s not what this article’s about, but if you apply these tips then everything else will follow suit! […]

How to Set Up an SEO Friendly Blog

People start blogging for many reasons but a blog that allows you to express your passions and interests always comes through as more genuine. Creating a blog begins with an idea and a desire to share information; but in order to be successful you must have a plan set in place. A plan will help ensure, that your blog will continue to grow in visibility, popularity, and bring in a continuous, steady flow of web traffic. Not just blogs but any site on the web needs to be able to be found by the right audience.