Episerver to VTEX Migration

Decided to switch eCommerce platforms from Episerver to VTEX?

Here is everything you need to know about migrating your current eCommerce store from Episerver to VTEX. If you’re looking for a more scaleable enterprise level eCommerce solution that has the highest level of PCI compliance, then we certainly understand why you’d be considering VTEX. With VTEX, you will be able to implement many different types of specialized functionalities yourself and cut costs by not having to hire a software developer. VTEX not only provides specialized functionalities to optimize your eCommerce operations, it also provides a higher level of scalability and PCI compliance, so you will be able to increase your sales and never have to worry about migrating to another platform to handle the increase in business.

When migrating from Episerver to VTEX, the problems usually occur when store owners try to take on the task of migrating their online store themselves. VTEX is a new platform and requires a slightly different setup. Optimum7’s eCommerce migration specialists have designed a quick and efficient way to successfully transfer all of your product data, descriptions, SKUs, images, and any other kind of relevant data over to VTEX without disrupting your current operations. Migrate your store from Episerver to VTEX with Optimum7 and never worry about losing any crucial data that could bring your current eCommerce operation to a halt.

What kind of data can be migrated from Episerver to VTEX?

What kind of data can be migrated from Episerver to VTEX?
  • Product images and descriptions, product attributes, product variants, SKUS
  • Categories and category images
  • Customers’ contact information
  • Invoices, orders, coupon codes, and other sales-related information
Additional Options
  • Re-organize your inventory to a proper parent/child listing
  • Add custom functionalities that improve shoppers’ buying experience
  • Safeguard your product images URLs
  • Bulk edit your category names and descriptions without HTML tags
  • 301 redirect during eCommerce migration to avoid loss of or decrease in organic traffic

How It Works

  • 1. Request a Cost Quote from Optimum7
  • 2. Provide All Shopping Cart Details
  • 3. Choose All the Data You Want to Transfer
  • 4. Optimum7 will Migrate the Data
  • 5. Review & Enjoy Your New Store!
We have already migrated more than 2,000 eCommerce stores!


  • It’s an enterprise service, designed for large corporations.
  • Scalable. The platform can compute more data for a growing business.
  • Can integrate with other popular platforms.
  • Very customizable. Create a signature eCommerce store.
  • Has an expensive license because they service larger companies.
  • Has an extensive migration timeline.
  • Takes an extended amount of set-up time.


  • Scalable. Your eCommerce operations will never outgrow your platform. VTEX has the capacity to adjust to your business needs.
  • 99% of the functionalities all built into the system. VTEX’s platform allows you to easily implement functionalities.
  • Fully customizable with any new functionality or add-on.
  • Highest level of PCI Compliance. Increase your online sales with a secure hosting provider that’s compliant with data security standards.
  • Social logins and "no password" checkout. VTEX makes it easier.
  • High conversions.
  • Suitable for businesses that do over 1 million annually
  • You have to generate a substantial amount of online sales to truly benefit from VTEX.
  • Onboarding takes 30-45 days
  • In a little over a month, you can start to take advantage of all of VTEX benefits.
  • Fee structure is percentage of sales.

Why migrate with Optimum7?

Optimum7 provides a fully automated migration that doesn't require any programming skills on your part. Through our services, you’re guaranteed to achieve an effortless and successful switch, free from bothersome bugs and glitches. You’ll have a newly established store that will provide the transformation you're looking for with everything in tact.


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