Google Local Listings

If you don’t currently have a Google Local listing for your business, you could be losing potential customers who are searching for what you sell online. Let’s say that someone does a search for “Mexican food” on Google. Google Places then brings back a list of Mexican food restaurants in the searcher’s local area, along with a map showing the locations of the restaurants. Also listed are phone numbers for the businesses, customer reviews, brief descriptions of the businesses, and sometimes even pictures and videos. It’s a great (and free) way to promote your business to customers in your local area, and it’s easy to set up.

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Social Media Laws

Social media laws / guidelines are still pretty murky at best at most companies. While many corporations are aware that they need to have a social media presence, that they need to wage social media marketing campaigns, and that they have to actively manage their company’s online social reputation, very few are wading in to take advantage of the many benefits that could come from allowing their employees access to social media sites while at work.

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