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Keyword Density

Once upon a time, keyword density was all that was required for the possibility of high ranking in the popular search engines like Yahoo, Altavista and early Google. A certain percentage of relevant keywords scattered throughout your content and your search engine optimizing (SEO) work was practically done. My, how times have changed. Now it takes a lot more than a few keywords floating around to have any significant standing. Yes, you still want to be sure that you have relevant keywords in your content, title and meta-description because these elements are still evaluated. But be sure not to get too caught up in just these facets as there are other factors that prove to be even more relevant in terms of successful SEO.

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Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting

It can’t be said enough: Content is key when targeting Search Engine Optimization. Since the goal is traffic to your site and getting the highest search engine rank possible, and ultimately sales, you need to understand keywords and keyword density. You want to be first in a search, and content is what drives those engines. There’s plenty of Flash animation but what gets the engines to actually find you is content; primarily textual content.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. You’re thinking, “Well, since I’m selling car parts, shouldn’t I just mention ‘car parts’ a bunch of times in a row, or ‘car part’, or ‘automotive parts’ just over and over again?” The answer is “no” and here are two reasons why:

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How Google’s New Algorithm Will Affect SEO

Recent changes in Google’s search engine algorithm have affected how pages show up in SERPs. Few outside of the tech literati understand precisely how these changes were set up or exactly how they work, but the changes are pretty evident, and will require some rethinking by SEO marketers. Here are some things that are coming into play with the new Google algorithm:

  • Fast Indexing
    With the introduction of Google Caffeine, there will be no more “sandbox”. The indexing time frame is down to about 15 minutes now if you have a dynamic sitemap submitted to Google Webmaster Tools. This means that unique, steady content will take even more precedence in search engine rankings.
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Why Keyword Density is Important

Keyword densityImproving keyword density on a website is an important consideration when creating website content as well as adding new content (articles, blog posts, etc) towards increasing search engine results. It is important that you understand why keyword density is important, and what it means to your website. Keywords are words that regular internet users use in order to search for information on the internet. Searchers punch these keywords or keyword phrases into the search engine, looking for specific results.

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