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CSS Sprites; Making Them Easy

When designing a website there are often graphic elements that are essential to the look and layout of your site. Often these designs can become very “image-heavy” requiring a huge time investment from the designer having to slice/cut/export all those graphics. It also requires the server to retrieve dozens of images which in turn puts a heavy load on the server. This is why it has become standard to use CSS sprites.

What are CSS Sprites?

Here is a good explanation by Chris Coyier on exactly what CSS sprites are:

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Website Design Pricing

The way a website is designed impacts both readers and the webmaster. Research, strategy, creativity and execution all play a role in developing the most effective website. While it is possible to ‘do it yourself’ and design your own website, it isn’t advisable. In today’s market, professional web development is a necessity. Hiring a professional firm to design your website is smart business, even after you consider the cost. Website design pricing can vary, but in the end, the price is always a worthwhile investment.

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