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How to Scrape and Crawl Data from Websites Like Amazon.com and EBay

Say you have an e-commerce site like E-Bay or Amazon, and you sell multiple products that you get from other vendors; you have to rely on all these vendors to provide you with the product details about all items available through your site. There are a couple time consuming ways to do this.

First, you can rely on the outside vendors to provide you with the pertinent information to implement piece by piece on your own site (called product feeds), or you can visit each vendor’s site and cut and paste from the specific web pages where the product is located.

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Zoovy SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Zoovy is one of many providers of on-demand, hosted e-commerce solutions for merchants. Billed as a premium provider, it has ten years of experience and thousands of storefronts to back up their claims of quality service. Customer satisfaction is key for this service as they develop proven technology to drive SEO results for a wide range of customers. At Optimum7, we have worked with several Zoovy projects and we are very familiar with how this shopping cart system functions when it comes to SEO capabilities.

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