How Do SEO Companies Work? ; Cheap vs. Professional SEO Services

If you search for phrases like “keywords and backlinks in SEO”, a few ads appear at the top (these are paid ads, not organic rankings). One title reads, “Easy backlink strategy to place you on the first page of Google.” Another company states that they would “rank you high for cheap.” These kinds of SEO services focus solely on only a few elements of SEO, such as backlinks and meta-tags, but they appeal to small businesses due to their “cheap cost.”

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Website Redesign

If you have been trying to optimize your website, you have likely spent much of your time researching keywords, participating in forums and building a link list. You may not have stopped to consider your website itself. In reality, website redesign is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It isn’t enough that your site is visually appealing to human visitors. It must also be appealing to search engines. Designing a website that attracts both types of visitors will not only improve your rankings, it will typically make it easier to convert visitors – your real goal.

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