How Much Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Cost?

If you are like most people who are thinking about hiring an Internet Marketing Company or consultant to perform your website optimization, you probably have one big question: just how much does SEO cost? (Try our new SEO Pricing Tool)

Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer because it is often asked before a more important question is asked … What is your definition of SEO and what exactly are the processes you use?  Two more additional questions should also be asked before you get to seo prices… (1) Can you show me multiple page 1 Google results for multiple clients using your services? And (2) Can I interview them before I decide to contract with you?

In simple terms:  You want to know if you are paying a cost for Page 1 results or Page 5 results or Page 50 results.

The reason these steps are so critically important is because you only want Page 1 results because 68% of all searchers do not go past the first page.  What one company calls SEO might be what another company calls onsite optimization.  Another company may call it SEO and another company might call it Social Media Marketing.  What one company may call SEO another company may call buying 150 backlinks.

So before you ask how much, ask what is SEO; show me multiple examples of page 1’s for multiple clients and know that you can interview them.

Now to try to answer the main question of this writing …

  1. For Local Campaigns involving just local keywords / geocentric keywords i.e. Attorney Albuquerque:  Cost should be between $5,000 – $10,000 (12 months of service) depending upon whether or not the SEO Company is also including SEO Copywriting for articles, press releases, etc.
  2. For Regional Campaigns and / or only moderately competitive keywords:  $10,000 – $20,000 per year with the same dependencies.
  3. National / Global Campaigns with highly competitive keywords:  $20,000 – $40,000 per year with the same dependencies.
  4. Hyper Competitive Industries i.e. Mortgage, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Insurance: $40,000 and up.

Seek companies that are willing to share the risk of results i.e. a Pay for Performance component to their fees.  Run away from companies offering guarantees as this is not possible.

Cut conversations short with numbers that significantly differ, particularly on the low side.  It’s a waste of time and could cost you much more money in the end.

Stay away from packages and anything involving specific numbers of links … these are sure signs of a sales-oriented company vs. a client results-oriented company.

Stay away from time commitments for certain page results as that is impossible to commit to on a specified timetable.

Most importantly, yes, know the price but do not make the decision based on price.  You want proven results.  Anything less is surely the most expensive anyway.

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