Search Engine Marketing & Political Website Design

Political Websites have the same challenges that any online business has. The popularity of the internet and the evolution of young voters who grew up during the beginning of the computer age make Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a necessity for any political candidate who hopes to be seen on a local, national, or even, global platform. Search engine marketing political website design allows candidates to harness the power of the Internet to increase their visibility, spread their message and get out the vote. While all aspects of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, are important, political campaigns should focus their attention on several key areas, the most important of which may very well be social media marketing.

Regardless of your political leanings, no one can doubt the prowess of Barack Obama’s Internet Marketing success.  The use of website design, Search Engine Optimization, social media optimization, and political blogging were all used by the Obama campaign to generate unprecedented results in campaign fundraising from the grass roots, build the image of the candidate, publish positions, communicate directly with the electorate, turn out the vote and ultimately become the 44th President.

Like all successful search engine marketing, political website marketing must focus on keyword research. The basis of all SEO programs, keyword research, is the process of finding the most effective, unique and relevant words upon which to build your optimization plan. Free tools like Google’s keyword analyzer area available to help determine what the most effective words or phrases are for your particular needs. A well-developed site will utilize 1 – 5 keywords per page. The keywords will be used throughout the site in the content. Keywords are a critical part of the formula utilized by the major search engines during their indexing process. As such, they should never be ignored.

Content development is absolutely vital. Not only can the content found on a website help inform the public and develop a sense of trust, it also improve rankings (visibility). Search engine spiders are attracted to fresh content. Content that is updated daily, such as a daily blog, is likely to rank high with the major search engines.

Social media marketing is a growing industry. Combining the power of the popular social networking sites with innovative polls, marketing and discussions, social media marketing can help develop a fan base for a candidate as well as provide grounds for the candidate to gauge the publics reaction to him or her. Properly used, social media sites can also help to improve the rankings of a site by providing valuable links. Social media, especially sites that allow for groups or neighborhoods are the perfect breeding ground for any political campaign. Any search engine marketing political website design plan should focus heavily on all of the major social networking sites. FaceBook, Digg, Twitter and YouTube are great places to start.

The political arena can always benefit from the visibility offered by the Internet.

Politicians should not make the mistake of waiting for a political campaign to begin before focusing on their website design, visibility and appeal throughout the internet.  Start NOW; not for this November but for 2012, 2014 and beyond.  The website and associated internet marketing strategies including social media require daily attention to content including blog posts, articles, position papers, press releases and much more.  It is this content and the wide syndication through the social media and other relevant targets that increases visibility and candidate name recognition.

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