PPC Google Ads vs. PPC Banner Ads

Two of the most popular choices in paid internet marketing today are Pay per Click Ads with Google, and Pay per Click Banner Ads. Each presents an excellent, but distinct opportunity, so their characteristics should be weighed carefully. Paid ads have quite a few advantages over organic SEO results, one of which is a nearly instantaneous response. But which type of ad is more suited to your business – Banner ads, or PPC text based Google ads?

Google harnesses the technology behind Pay per Click (PPC) ads with AdWords. This program is so popular because it has capabilities that allow the user to control every aspect of the campaign, from keywords, negative keywords, and ad copy. Each aspect of the AdWords campaign can be managed and fine-tuned for increased efficiency and a better result in terms of getting the right people to your site. This sort of control makes Google’s PPC ads appealing to those who understand how to use the capabilities of Adwords to run a very cost efficient, effective campaign.

PPC Google ads allow the user to set the budget right down to the dollar. Literally. The minimum required budget per day to advertise with PPC Google Ads is only one dollar. Not only does the user only pay when the ad is clicked, but they can bid on how much they’re willing to spend for each click on a certain word or phrase.

PPC Banner Ads also work on the basis that payment is based on visitor clicks. Banner ads can be triggered by any keywords supplied by the user. This lessens their ability to focus on a particular audience. Instead, advertisers rely on the fact that their banners are visible on related websites. The more closely the ad is related to the website it’s placed on, the more likely it is to be effective and reach its target audience.

Banner ads are usually charged by Cost per Impression (CPI, or CPM). Often a price will be set based upon a cost per thousand impressions. Banner ads may use Flash, or eye-catching graphics to get their point across, rather than text. This can be beneficial for some products that rely on images to relay a message. Banner ads can be harder to control, however, because a new banner ad will have to be uploaded for any changes. Placement on some pages may be pricey, and some internet users have developed something called ‘banner blindness’. This means that some people deliberately ignore banners due to their prevalence in advertising.

If this is not satisfactory, there are some banner programs that do rely on keywords. When a related word is searched for in the search bar, the appropriate banner will be displayed on the results page. As the internet user has shown interest in this particular topic, there is a somewhat higher chance that he or she will click on the ad.

The decision to use Google PPC ads, Banner ads or both may be a difficult one. In the end, the choice will be tied directly to the product or idea that you’re selling. If you’re not sure if one or both is better for your audience, use a full service Internet Marketing Company who will research your audience or target market, and craft the best strategy for you.

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