Tips on Client Satisfaction in Internet Marketing Consultation

Attaining and maintaining client satisfaction is clearly important in any business.  However, because Internet Marketing and Consultation is so poorly understood by many, it presents a challenge for those providing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sponsored Search, Social Media Optimization and Conversion Optimization as we do here at Optimum7. Another key hurdle is […]

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How to Handle Large SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Clients

All SEO Clients require special handling. Why? Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has unique characteristics unlike most things purchased or otherwise contracted for. These characteristics include: SEO is not well understood; even worse, many think they understand it but they don’t. In other words, those folks “don’t know what they don’t know.” This creates huge […]

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Automating Internet Marketing Processes

Internet Marketing involves hundreds of steps, many detailed, all of them necessary to ensure top level results. The sheer number of them dictates that internet marketing teams must develop a system, a set of processes to successfully conduct SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Brand Development, Paid Search Management, Conversion Optimization, Copywriting, Video Production, […]

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What is a Power Article?

There is a bit of a buzz among SEO professionals over the past few days since Duran Inci, COO of Optimum7 made a presentation at SMX-Toronto speaking of real and very specific strategies Optimum7 has been using for its clients in the Panda-Penguin phases of Google’s algorithm updates. One of the strategies is the writing […]

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SEO for Small Businesses

Small businesses seeking to generate online business success face many significant issues that need to be thoroughly understood to achieve their goals. One thing for certain … you will need to have a well-designed, engaging website and that website needs to be found by those who are looking for you online through search engines, the social media, et al. Being found is no easy task as anyone who has tried it will tell you. It requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and mastering it to be successful.

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SEO Value for Businesses and Clients

If you are an Internet Marketing Company and you are providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, the actual real value that you are providing may not be nearly as obvious to your clients as it may be to you. Professional SEO Companies are constantly working on dozens upon dozens of processes involving onsite and offsite SEO all focused on increasing rankings and traffic to their clients’ websites. At the same time you are monitoring and measuring progress using analytical tools of all kinds including Google Analytics, Omniture, SEOMOZ, SpyFu and there are literally hundreds of others.

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