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Arthur has over 30 years of successful business experience including Optimum7. He founded, and continues to own, ACTEL, a New Jersey public telecommunications service provider and consulting company since 1987. Arthur has an unparalleled success record in sales & marketing in the clinical laboratory equipment industry and health care services. In addition he has many years of success in sales and marketing in computer graphics including workstations, print servers and digital film recorders.
Along with Duran, Arthur has developed the processes and strategies unique to Optimum7 demonstrated by actual corporate results as well as the result our clients enjoy everyday.

Google – Benevolent Partner or the Root of all Evil?

evil-googleI listened with intense interest to two keynote speeches at PubCon in Las Vegas last week.  The first, on Tuesday, was given by Jason Calacanis, founder and Chief Executive of, as well as a long time angel investor, mainly in the techno-media arena.  The second, on Wednesday, from Matt Cutts, long time director of Google’s Webspam division.

Calacanis’ keynote speech was just loaded with great information on the “State of Media,” all media.  Frankly, I could not think of a single individual that could demonstrate a greater command of the subject, its history and its future. Jason provided valuable insight and perspective as to who the players are, the likely winners and losers, including future winners that few, even in this relatively tech savvy audience, were aware of.

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What to Expect from Internet Marketing / SEO Consultation Services

seo consultation servicesin miamiSearch Technology, particularly Google Search Technology, has changed dramatically over the past 4 years.  We can debate the reasons, the purposes, and the hidden agenda behind these changes, however, the fact is the approach to SEO and Internet Marketing in general needs to change and anticipate future changes as well.

The fact is that SEO is simply marketing and not just a bunch of poorly understood geeky onsite optimization techniques involving things like sitemaps, metadata, keywords, anchor text and the like.

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How to Build a Successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Business

Launching an SEO company Building any business requires a great deal of thought and planning. SEO and Internet Marketing are no different but surely present a unique set of challenges and opportunities. For the purpose of this writing we will start from scratch and perhaps continue this article with future posts to further develop on the thoughts and principals discussed here.

The barriers to entry in the SEO world get higher each year because the elements and processes involved get more numerous and sophisticated as internet technology, the major players such as Google, Bing et al as well as new entrants add to the 100’s of considerations necessary towards creating winning SEO strategies. Just consider the major factors that must be included in any credible SEO offering:

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Tips on Client Satisfaction in Internet Marketing Consultation

Internet Marketing Client Satisfaction Attaining and maintaining client satisfaction is clearly important in any business.  However, because Internet Marketing and Consultation is so poorly understood by many, it presents a challenge for those providing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sponsored Search, Social Media Optimization and Conversion Optimization as we do here at Optimum7. Another key hurdle is dealing with one of the painful truths about SEO … it takes time. The time-frame is not days or weeks, but months, to truly evaluate the progress, or lack thereof, of SEO.  Here we will discuss the clear and successful ways that Optimum7 has dealt with the great deal of misinformation and misconceptions that become apparent with our very first phone call from a prospective client.

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Importance of Existing Clients in Marketing Consultation Sales

Internet Marketing on the RiseInternet Marketing continues to be very poorly understood by many businesses looking to gain online success. In its most basic form, online marketing starts with a business website to establish a presence. However, the “Field of Dreams” mantra of “if you build it, they will come” certainly does not extend to the internet. You need marketing, specifically online marketing to drive traffic to your website. You need to be found by those who are looking for you but cannot presently find you. Being found on the internet, most generally means ranking for your relevant keywords and phrases that searchers are using on the search engines. It really means ranking on page 1 of Google, the “Main Street of the early 21st Century.”

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How to Handle Large SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Clients

Handling Large SEO clientsAll SEO Clients require special handling. Why? Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has unique characteristics unlike most things purchased or otherwise contracted for. These characteristics include:

  1. SEO is not well understood; even worse, many think they understand it but they don’t. In other words, those folks “don’t know what they don’t know.” This creates huge risk for the SEO Company and the client or potential client unless it is dealt with effectively.
  2. SEO is relatively expensive compared to what most people expect. It is not uncommon for those who contact us to actually believe that you can rank organically at the top of Google for highly competitive terms for the price of a Yellow Page ad.
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Automating Internet Marketing Processes

Using Internet Marketing tools for SEOInternet Marketing involves hundreds of steps, many detailed, all of them necessary to ensure top level results. The sheer number of them dictates that internet marketing teams must develop a system, a set of processes to successfully conduct SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Brand Development, Paid Search Management, Conversion Optimization, Copywriting, Video Production, Web Programming and Development, Email Marketing and much more. These processes need to be orchestrated in such a way that trained specialists can work and otherwise interact with each other efficiently to produce timely implementations and the best results.

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What is a Power Article?

There is a bit of a buzz among SEO professionals over the past few days since Duran Inci, COO of Optimum7 made a presentation at SMX-Toronto speaking of real and very specific strategies Optimum7 has been using for its clients in the Panda-Penguin phases of Google’s algorithm updates. One of the strategies is the writing of Power Articles. This is simply to inform those who may not have been at the conference exactly what a Power Article is.

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SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for Small BusinessesSmall businesses seeking to generate online business success face many significant issues that need to be thoroughly understood to achieve their goals. One thing for certain … you will need to have a well-designed, engaging website and that website needs to be found by those who are looking for you online through search engines, the social media, et al. Being found is no easy task as anyone who has tried it will tell you. It requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and mastering it to be successful. This is a central issue. What is “mastery” of SEO? Can you do it? Can someone else do it? How do you find someone else to do it, especially if, like most small business owners, you are completely focused on the business of your business and can’t devote the time and attention that SEO requires? Here I will provide our readers with the key issues and components to be aware of, the considerations involved and the options available to small businesses.

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SEO Value for Businesses and Clients

SEO ValueIf you are an Internet Marketing Company and you are providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, the actual real value that you are providing may not be nearly as obvious to your clients as it may be to you. Professional SEO Companies are constantly working on dozens upon dozens of processes involving onsite and offsite SEO all focused on increasing rankings and traffic to their clients’ websites. At the same time you are monitoring and measuring progress using analytical tools of all kinds including Google Analytics, Omniture, SEOMOZ, SpyFu and there are literally hundreds of others. While you may be intimately familiar with the stats and the progress or lack thereof, your clients are busy doing the business of their business and do not have the time or even the interest to know all of the things that the SEO may know on a micro-granular level. At the same time, the bottom line is the bottom line and the SEO Client needs to know what progress is being made in ways that they can readily understand. Ultimately, when decisions are made whether to renew your SEO Agreement, it comes down to ROI; how much did I invest in SEO and how much new business did I get and is it worth it?

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SEO Challenges; The Business Uncertainties of SEO and How to Deal with them

If you are an SEO Company, you certainly have a full plate of business uncertainties that will always keep you on your toes. There are many different types of uncertainties and each of them requires a plan of action or strategy to effectively deal with them. The uncertainties range from the technical side such as Google algorithm updates like Panda to sales uncertainties due to the inherent costs associated with Professional SEO Services to economic uncertainties, personnel uncertainties, support network uncertainties and client uncertainties. As the President and CEO of Optimum7, I feel I have something to offer the online community in sharing these and how we effectively deal with them.

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Why You Should Outsource Web Design?

Why You Should Outsource Web Design?So, you have a great idea for a product or service that you want to sell on the Internet. How hard could it be? You just need a web site right? A little bit of typing, a little bit of flash and you will be all set, right?

Designing and building your own website is one way to go, but there is a much easier way – outsourcing your website design. Many start up business owners won’t want to spend the money on hiring an outside designer, but for a truly professional and impressive website, it simple is the best option. Outsourcing your website design is important for several important reasons.

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