Why Do Marketing; Why Business Marketing is Necessary

This may sound like a question that insults the intelligence of most business owners or service providers. You may think, everyone knows why businesses need marketing – but do they really? Even if one assumes that the majority of the population knows what marketing does for a business or service provider, common attitudes toward marketing often reveal ideas that are highly mistaken.

A lot of local or small business owners tend to perceive marketing as an optional luxury; one which can be eliminated if the business is doing poorly. If it’s in the budget to put an ad in the paper, fine. If not, that’s fine too. However, these are exactly opposite in approach and action to those a business should take, especially if profits and revenue are not meeting projected goals.

When business and sales decline, and in response, all marketing efforts are withdrawn to “save money,” it’s like a self-inflicted punch to the right side of the face, after already being punched on the left. Consumers have plenty of other choices from local or even regional competition. When industry competitors continue to market themselves, the business that drops all marketing efforts – which means all branding awareness and visibility – becomes out of sight, out of mind. Business owners cannot expect to simply put the products on the shelves and wait for the customers to roll in – especially when sales have dropped.

The real question then, is not when or if commercial marketing is needed, but rather, what kind and how much. Traditional methods of newspaper ads and 15 second radio commercial can be somewhat useful for strictly local advertising. But what if you could attract business from beyond your immediate local area? What if you could regularly receive orders on products from national or international locations; direct every nearby consumer straight to your store, or be the first business they see every time they search for a relevant product or service?

Why Internet Marketing is Better

Online marketing is more effective than traditional local print advertising because it can achieve all of the above. It has an enormous reach; yet online marketing can also be narrowed to a localized area. Through on-going SEO/SEM implementation and tools like Google Maps/Places/Shopping, consumers can be led directly to your business at the exact moment they are ready to buy the very thing you sell.

Online marketing also has long term effects, contrary to the weekend newspaper ad, or the 15 seconds of radio air time. In the last ten years, studies consistently reveal that consumers increasingly consult online sources for making local purchases. The 2010 ConStat/BIA Kelsey study revealed that 97% of all consumers consult online sources for deciding upon or searching for local purchases; whether for product or service research, finding a business location, or making price comparisons. With an effective, smart internet marketing campaign, you can establish a noteworthy business presence online; show up in prime search results every time a relevant search is made, and even establish your business as an industry authority.

This is exactly why your business needs to be right there in search results, when local, regional or distant consumers look up something you sell. This kind of maximum, uber-targeted market exposure can only be achieved through internet marketing.

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