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Brand Reputation Management; Managing Your Online Reputation with SEO

In the days before brand management entailed extensive online efforts, companies and corporations had things a bit easier. With television, printed press and radio being the 3 biggest media platforms before the internet, big companies could simply dish out their big bucks for positive brand advertising, press releases, and radio commercials. These companies had much more control over combating negative events. Brand name rivals rarely could get away with random slander and libel. Companies could usually recover quickly from a “shocking” news story, bad review, or even a televised, hour long 20/20 investigative story – like the behind-the-scenes story that revealed the horrible health code violations of Pizza Hut and other chain pizzerias in the 90’s.

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Professional SEO Training

Professional SEO is the only SEO.  Anything less is ineffective and a waste of time and money.  So, it should follow that those offering SEO training in the form of webinars, CD-Sets, or classroom seminars cannot possibly train anyone as truly professional.

Training to be a Professional SEO really requires that you learn the basics first:

1.      Extensive Keyword Research – The use of extensive research, sophisticated tools and methods and an intuitive understanding of the psyche of the average user are needed in order to identify all keywords of value and include them in the online marketing plan. Professional SEO training must focus extensively on keywords and research.  It’s the cornerstone for all online marketing.

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Common SEO Mistakes

As sophisticated and complex SEO is, there are basic common mistakes that we see all of the time from new clients:

  1. Failing to read, understand and closely follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  It’s free, informative and authoritative to say the least.  The 800lb gorilla is providing you a wealth of information including all of the do’s and don’ts and why?  Pretty basic stuff and often overlooked.
  2. Poor URL selection – either too long or non-descriptive, sometimes just a series of seemingly non-related letters or abbreviations.  URL’s should be easily read, recognizable and ideally actually contain the most important keyword.  Sometimes URL’s are better purchased if you can find one that is relevant and already has some page rank or authority value.
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How to Execute a Successful SEO Campaign

Search Engine Optimization is much more than a campaign; campaign implies finality and SEO is just not / never finite.  Rather, SEO is a never-ending marathon of online competition.

Let’s define Successful SEO – processes that result in significant rankings (Page 1-3 on Google) for targeted keywords with steadily increasing traffic from all organic sources including search engines, referral sites and the social media.  In addition, Successful SEO results in maximized conversion rates based on onsite design elements that establish clear calls to action often including a well designed conversion funnel.

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