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Blocking Employee Productivity

Many companies block access to websites they deem harmful to employee productivity, but Procter & Gamble’s recent bans have another rationale … wasted resources. The firm’s actions echoing the sentiments of many businesses that are seeing their bandwidth stretched too thin by extracurricular activities they’ve deemed “not business-critical.” Their actions aren’t anything new; many major corporations have banned websites for a variety of reasons, so why is there so much buzz around this story?

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What Jet Blue Can Teach You about Reputation Management

Jet Blue is an airline that has a problem. They are well known, tech-savvy and appeal to a younger demographic, but that isn’t what has their search results blossoming. Their spikes (save for one notable example of where they got it right) have come from employee meltdowns and their flubbed or muted responses.

Jet Blue Trend Chart

In the Internet age, response is everything. In keeping mum on situations where your employees have effectively put your entire company in danger by alienating or putting customers in harm’s way, you allow a growing mob to speak for you. Suffice to say; what they’re going to post isn’t going to help your brand. So what to do about it?

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