Designing Websites on a Deadline

When I was in college, one of my favorite professors, Megan Fitzgerald, assigned a 20-page research project that would be due at the end of the semester. You may be thinking to yourself, “Why would anyone favor a teacher who gives out 20 page research papers?” Well, Ms. Fitzgerald was different. When she handed out the rubric for the paper, she also handed out a sheet with a list of dates that were approximately 3 weeks apart. She gave us a list of “mini-deadlines” leading up to the final deadline. Genius. She had given us a tool that would help prevent procrastination, decrease stress levels, and boost productivity. In my opinion, this is quite possibly one of the best time management concepts. In this article, I will explain how I have turned Ms. Fitzgerald’s rubric into a mantra for designing on a deadline.

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Yelp Reviews: How to Manage and Improve Them

When first launched in 2004, neither of its founders, Jeremy Stoppelman or Russel Simmon, thought it would become the phenomenon that it is today. For the past 8 years, Yelp has brought the “Food Channel Connoisseur” and critic out of all of us. Last month alone, had about 21.5 million unique visitors. They have not only made their way into millions of users homes and workplaces through their website alone, but they are present in the palm of our hands every time we ask Siri about the best place to have dinner in town. Who would’ve thought? People actually do care to express their thoughts and feelings online about a business… Of course we do! We love to think our opinion has value. And it DOES. We have been empowered!

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Should I Use Twitter in My SEO Strategy?

Believe it or not, Twitter has great SEO potential. And you should be taking full advantage of it. Unfortunately, many refuse to participate and view this social media network as a waste of time or simply too complicated. This is not the case and you really are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to boost your SEO efforts.

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Reputation Management for Politicians & Political Scandals

If there is nothing else that voter’s look at when considering which candidate to vote for, they look at reputation. Your reputation as a politician is the driving force of your career. What does your reputation have to say about you? Not quite sure? Go see for yourself. Take a moment to check out Google. Type your name in the search box and see what comes up. The stories present on the first page of Google are the most relevant as it is the first bit of information inquirers are met with when conducting a search. What is the most prominent information on Google revealing about you? Do you like what you’re learning about your reputation at the hands of the media?

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5 New Cool Features In Google Analytics

By now, mostly everyone who owns a website has installed Google Analytics on their site and, if they haven’t, they had better hop on that train ASAP if they want to compete online. Google Analytics allows website owners to track a ridiculous amount of useful information about their site and its users. Within Google Analytics, […]

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