Website Maintenance

Website maintenance has to do with content updates, product updates for ecommerce sites, feature additions, and even website re-design. Basically, search engines and users both prefer to visit sites where there is always fresh content to see. This means that if you want to keep both users and search engines returning to your site, you need someone who can consistently update your site with fresh content.

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Google Instant Preview and SEO

The introduction of Google’s Instant Previews has brought with it an increased need for organic SEO rankings as well as a targeted landing page that’s informative and to the point. Now before users clicks the search result and goes to your site, they can preview whether your site is relevant to their searches or not. Bottom line: If you don’t have enough quality backlinks to boost your organic rankings in the SERPs and if your pages are not specifically targeted for the keywords you are optimizing for (including textual and design elements), you are likely to get less traffic and leads from organic results.

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Faster Indexing with Google Caffeine; What does it Mean for SEO?

In the middle of the year, Google announced its new search index Google Caffeine. It brought users the same information they could normally get from a Google search, but now the new information shows up faster. Those of us who trawl the news section of Google regularly have seen the difference. It used to be that one hour later you might find the same news article. Now, you need to make sure you read something if it sounds interesting because it won’t be there 15 minutes later.

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Search Engine Copywriting

Writing just to attract the search engine robots does not work anymore in SEO. Neither does churning out content that is loaded with nonsensical terms and your company name repeatedly. Believe it or not, Google’s sophisticated algorithms can distinguish between low quality content versus content that has substance, not to mention that the users will be able to also identify bad content.

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Google Keywords

It is strange to think, but the day has come when the power of words can no longer be contrasted with the power of actions. The old adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword” has never been truer for online businesses. Not just in terms of cause marketing either; unless you are new to ecommerce, the general consensus is that it is well worth your ad dollars to bid for words and in general compete for them.

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