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Brand Reputation Management Online

Your brand reputation directly correlates with the number of new clients you attract and the number of clients that remain faithful.  Regardless of the size of your business, your image is an integral component of what establishes your earning potential.  When you get negative feedback, it is important to already know what to do about it.

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Online Defamation

In the business world, image means everything.  Your image is what makes your company seem credible and trustworthy.  Without these elements, your business can only become mildly successful, if that.  A good image and reputation is what takes businesses to the next level.  The most influential factor that can make or break a company is their internet presence.  The characterization of your company online is far more important than any other source.  As a business owner, you need to stay on top of what consumers are reading about your company.

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Delete Ripoff Report Comments

There is little you can do to prevent someone from running a smear campaign against your business.  The internet is the easiest place for someone to do this.  The internet offers a level of anonymity that many consumers enjoy because it gives them the opportunity to say what they really feel without fear.  It also gives disgruntled customers, ex-employees and other businesses the opportunity to write falsehoods about your company.  These kinds of statements are defamatory and allow you to pursue legal actions.

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Monitor Customer Reviews for Local Businesses

Have you monitored your reviews today? Have you checked to see what the complaining customer at your restaurant last night told the world about your business via Yelp or Google? Have you contacted that customer to right whatever wrong they assumed you were responsible for? No? Well this could be a problem.

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Bing Health Search and SEO for Medical Industry

In the effort to live up to its promise and to combat the general lack of adequate filter in search engine results, Bing has selected content from only nine trusted medical sources for queries having to do with health.

Although that number seems incredibly limited, it’s easy to see why Bing has gone this route. There are literally millions of websites devoted to answering questions and offering advice related to medical conditions. A Google result for the generic phrase ‘back pain’ yields 143 million results. It isn’t easy for user to distinguish between rubbish and sound medical advice, particularly if they aren’t working in some sort of medical field.

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Reputation Management Strategies

You might not know it if you’re not looking, but your online business or organization could be getting negative attention on the Internet at any given time. In today’s competitive business world and with our challenged economy, it is more important than ever to gain new customers while keeping your existing client base happy. Part of that public relations responsibility involves monitoring how your business is faring in public opinion, and how your name and your company’s name are thought of online. It’s about Reputation Management and the strategies needed to build and maintain strong appeal.

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Small Business Reputation Management

Reputation Management is the process of shaping the perception of customers and the general public to promote, protect and defend the reputation of a business or other corporate entity.  Online, the need for managing corporate reputation takes on additional significance and burden.  The explosion of websites including customer rating sites, forums and the social media provides clients and consumer’s unparalleled access and voice to their experiences, both positive and negative, regarding products and services as well as company policies and attitudes.  Online businesses that fail to pay close attention to this online dialogue will ultimately fail their customer base.

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Search Engine Reputation Management

The past several years have seen a huge increase in the number of websites and services provided on the Internet. Today’s consumers have access not only to websites that offer products and services for sale, but also sites designed to allow users access to almost any kind of information they could want. Researching options and even reading customer reviews, consumers are more educated, and more picky than every before. The massive influx of social media sites and bookmarking sites, along with blogs, forums and even Wikipedia have created an environment where even the most customer services oriented online business needs to engage in a carefully designed system of Search Engine Reputation Management.

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Web Reputation Management for Negative Comments

As business owners, the Internet has impacted us in innumerable ways. A virtual explosion of websites has given consumers unparalleled access to information. Instant access to customer reviews as well as social media sites and forums have created an environment in which consumers can investigate companies, products and prices. These same tools have made posting complaints, valid or not, equally easy. Web Reputation Management is necessary to effectively deal with these new sources of comments to build a positive image, further promote brand recognition, and when necessary, respond to and directly deal with negative comments of all kinds.

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Google Reputation Management

Google is the most often used search engine in the world and there is a reason for this.  It is the best i.e. the public widely agrees that searches on Google provide fast and highly relevant results. With this comes trust. When people trust the results of a search engine, it means that whenever your company or your name shows up in results, you want those results to be positive. Google Reputation Management is all about keeping your positive information on the top pages and eliminating or relegating negative comments buried past page 10 or worse.

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Online Reputation Management Services

An often overlooked part of a company’s Internet Marketing and public relations strategy is that of Online Reputation Management. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a sophisticated system of processes that work together to increase the rankings for websites based on relevant keywords. SEO is driven by relevant content (articles, blog posts, press releases etc) to increase the relevance of the website specific to the keywords targeted in the content.  SEO is a continuous, ongoing and never ending process simply because the websites are competing with each other for the coveted top positions.  Those who are actively engaged in SEO, generally through a full service Internet Marketing Company, are well ahead of the game due to the fact that they are competing effectively everyday through the development, addition, indexation and syndication of great content.

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Reputation Management

Having a good reputation online is just as important as having a good reputation anywhere else. It serves as a source of confidence, peace of mind and translates into referrals and a higher percentage of business gained or market share.

Maintaining your personal or business reputation online requires a level of awareness, responsiveness and diligence that many may not be aware of.

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