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Best Landing Page

If you want to be able to analyze the efficacy of your own landing page, consider for a moment the last five websites you visited, focusing specifically on their landing pages. (the first page you ‘landed’ on after clicking an advertisement or banner). Did you stay and ‘click through,’ exploring the website further, or did you close out of the site after just seconds? What ‘worked’ for the site?  Now, consider your own landing pages. Take a moment to review analytical numbers for your site, focusing specifically on what visitors did once they landed. How long did they stay? Was that time frame enough to perform a specific action? How do they actually navigate through the site itself? Which links did they click?

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Benefits of Sponsored Search

Benefits of Sponsored SearchMany online businesses are choosing Sponsored Search as the basis of their advertising programs. Based on the belief that surfers are more likely to click on the first one to three results on a search results page, sponsored search, or PPC allows advertisers to bid for top placement. In Google Searches, these are the yellow shaded listings at the top; there are additional paid ads along the right hand side of the page.  Ads are tied to specific keywords or search terms. Sponsored Search offers an enormous amount of flexibility by allowing advertisers to choose a budget, determine the time of day they wish their ads to appear and tailor the advertisements to fit targeted searchers.

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Optimize Ad Spend and Conversions on Google AdWords

Optimize Ad SpendIn order to optimize ad spend and conversions on AdWords, you need to track your site information regularly. Google Analytics has some great tools for this, if you choose to go through Adwords — which makes sense, since Google has about seventy percent of the market. But the important thing is that you track your site’s statistics, no matter how you do it.

Check to see which keywords are getting the highest click-through rates. How much traffic is entering your site via alternate sources, and what sources are they?

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How to Manage Pay per Click Ads

How to Manage Pay per Click AdsOrganic Search Engine Optimization can take many months, depending on competitive factors, to achieve top organic results.  If you are not willing or able to wait for these results, you are a strong candidate for Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising.  PPC has the strong advantages of (1) immediacy – your ads can appear virtually the same day you start right on the first page of the 3 major search engines of Google, Bing and Yahoo and (2) you don’t have to do anything to your website to get started other than creating a few landing pages.  At the same time, PPC is still keyword-targeted so that your ad only appears when those searchers are searching for those keywords you are targeting.  Further, you can display your ad at certain times of the day and in certain geographic locations … down to the zip code level.

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