What Companies Use Viral Marketing?

What Companies Use Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing has become a very trendy way to promote and brand products/services of a company or organization. Many groups/companies are now using this strategy to get their message out. One of the most effective ways of implementing a viral marketing campaign is through videos. Many major companies are using videos to attract a wide audience. These videos can be seen on various social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, among others. Due to the progression and success of viral videos as a marketing technique, this approach has been used more and more. Here are some major brands that use viral marketing videos.

Audi – This viral marketing video is really funny, and effective. It basically compares the stereotypes and generalizations of people who drive other luxury cars compared to those who drive Audi’s; it is pretty spot on as well.

CareerBuilder – You might remember this commercial from the Super Bowl, it has since gone viral, and even spawned its own contest prompting others to create videos of themselves with tough moments at their jobs. Very funny video as well; also, very effective to get people to the site

Nike – Nike is one of the better users of viral marketing videos. They have three that really stand out. The first was with Brazilian futbol star (also star of Champions League Champs FC Barcelona) lacing up a pair of golden Nike cleats and showing his amazing accuracy kicking the ball. The other two are Kobe Bryant’s viral videos when his shoe came out about a year ago. One was of him jumping over an Aston Martin going full speed in his direction, the other was him jumping, and dunking over a pool of snakes. All three gained a lot of popularity online; the latter two were not even released as commercials on television and still became phenomenal.

QuickSilver – This video is really cool. It shows someone throwing some sort of explosive device in a lake, then another individual surfing the waves. It’s a great example of the extreme lifestyle that Quick Silver promotes.

Ray Ban – This video shows how two men can catch Ray Ban sunglasses perfectly on their faces when thrown at them, from all angles.

– This is similar to the Ray Ban Video except instead of catching sunglasses
on their faces, they are jumping into Levi jeans from various angles and obstacles.
Very, very cool.

Smirnoff – Somewhat of a funny music video

Honda – Probably the coolest ad I have seen for a car commercial yet. I want to share it with everyone just to show you guys how cool it is, this is a great example of how you should be creative and unique when making a viral video.

Blend Tec – Nothing spectacular visually, but definitely shows that they are the most powerful blender out there; pretty amazing.

Guitar Hero– This video actually does make me want to play Guitar Hero, and ride a bike, but not at the same time.

Transport for London – This isn’t the best filmed, but probably the most thought provoking and funniest in the end.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to making viral marketing videos and these companies obviously have capitalized. Not only are they easy to make, but they are cheap. They also use the internet to market, which can be less expensive than placing ads on TV. If you have a team of creative individuals who can come up with original viral videos, then you will definitely succeed. The key is to capture the shock/wow factor of the audience. If you can do this and market effectively using social media sites then you will be golden. Who knows, you might be the next internet superstar.