Celebrity Reputation Management

You are a celebrity and there is absolutely nothing in the world like it. The perks, the trips, the wealth, the life, who could ask for anything more? You’ve dreamed of this all of your life. Ever since you were younger you’ve seen yourself accepting awards and walking red carpets. You’ve pictured movie premiers and dreamed of elaborate sets. You were destined for this.

You never, however, imagined the downside. In your fantasy of celebrity perhaps you never stopped to consider the backlash or the dissection of every move you make and every word you say. You would’ve given second thoughts if you considered the extremes of the paparazzi. But you didn’t. You’d much rather the fairy tale.

You like the version of the celebrity story when everyone adores you and no one has anything negative to say. In your version people gush over your interviews and rush out to see a production at your name’s mention. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Unfortunately celebrity reputations suffer.

Here is the thing about the limelight; it’s bright until it isn’t anymore. What dims that bright light, you wonder? Bad press which equals a bad reputation. As a celebrity you’ve heard time and time again that any and all publicity is good publicity but that saying holds no truth in terms of longevity. In the long run, a bad reputation is the ultimate turn-off. Just think of your fellow celebrities. How many of your colleagues are no longer working because their reputation is down the drain? It happens far more than it should.

Check yourself out. Perform a Google search to see how you fair out. What is the media saying about you? Are the pictures and videos that are most prominent on the search engines great reflections of you as a celebrity? Are you interested in changing the way you are represented? You need reputation management.

Here are a few tips surrounding reputation management:

  • Review Notifications: This is of the greatest importance. Be sure to constantly stay on top of what is being published online about you. Visit the various search engines, scroll through these sites, read the comments written. Know whenever a negative comment surfaces about you and on which forum.
  • Address the reviews: Knowing is half of the battle. Address the reviews immediately. Take your reputation into your own hands on Facebook and Twitter. Offer valid rebuttal at times when you may be misunderstood or misrepresented. When fans and potential executives see that you are paying extra attention to your reputation you are bound to be taken seriously as someone with a great regard for your place in the industry.
  • Convert: A huge aspect of reputation management is converting the negative press sitting at the top of these search engines to positive.  Be proactive at circulating positive public relations using organic SEO to boost positive listings in search engine result pages.
  • Create: If there isn’t a substantial amount of good press out there, create it through original content!

If this all seems a little overwhelming to you, fret not. Our Reputation Management team at Optimum7 is ready to help!  Contact us today!